I spent five minutes trying to figure out how to reference the movie “Twins…”

Dave and Valerie had their twins today.  Everybody’s healthy and looks normal.  So that’s good.

The girl’s named Melody Katheryn (hope I spelled that right…I think I’m close).  The “Katheryn” is a family name in Valerie’s family.  I failed to ask how they arrived at “Melody,” though.  Probably something to do with music…or it’s also possible that Dave just wanted to have his own little Mel B running around.  (Sorry if I’m the first one to think of that.  I swear I’m not making fun of anyone!  I actually kind of think that’s cute.  I promise I won’t call her Mel, unless that is the name she so adopts in her teen years.)  Apparently she presently has more and darker hair than her brother.  Good for her.  Girls need hair more than boys do anyway!  🙂

The boy’s named Patterson David.  The “David” is pretty obvious, considering my brother is named David and my Dad’s named David…so that name is in tribute to David Bowie.  I DO know how they landed on “Patterson,” though—or at least I can kind of assume.  Dave is a big fan of the Drive-By Truckers, and Patterson HOOD is their lead singer.  And interestingly, Hood’s dad is also named after David Bowie.  Plus…that’s just a cool name that you don’t hear a lot.  (And no one gets to call him Pat or Patty, as long as Uncle Derek’s around.  Even if he should choose that in his teen years, I’ll be the lame uncle who uses his full name.)

No pics yet.  Only have the one Dave sent to my phone.  Worked all day and figured they’d like their first night with the twins to themselves…so I’m going to try to visit tomorrow, I think…depending on what visiting hours are vs. my drive time from the office.  (Only bummer about working in the city is that if something’s happening between St. Charles and O’Fallon, that’s about an hour-and-a-half on the road after work.  I end up missing a lot of stuff that starts or stops at 7.)  Anyhoo…I’m sure I’ll show them off sooner or later.

Congrats Dave and Valerie.  Hope Tessa likes them, too.  And Jake.  And Lemmy doesn’t like anyone, but hopefully he doesn’t take a swipe at them.

And since I don’t have a picture of the twins…here is a picture of Patterson Hood with a girl named Audra Brown, who apparently opened for him on his recent solo tour.  Close as I could get, via Google.

Stolen from AudraBrown.com. Check out her music on CDBaby.com. Pretty good, especially considering she was only 16 when she released it.

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