Dio Has Rocked for a Long, Long Time

Rest in peace, Ronnie James Dio.

I’m not a Dio fan.  In fact, many of you may have heard me negatively review the show of his that I saw (on a triple-bill with Maiden and Motorhead…Dio got the best response, but frankly, I thought Maiden did a WAY better set).  Many may remember me negatively reviewing his performance on Queensryche’s (TERRIBLE) sequel to “Operation: Mindcrime” a couple of years ago.  Most of the people who’ve sat and talked metal with me know that, when it comes to Dio, I just didn’t care very much.


The man revolutionized metal.  Do a few less-than-stellar moments from what turned out to be the end-years of his career mean that I don’t respect what he did?  Certainly not.  We owe Dio a LOT of credit for what happened in metal, thanks to his work with acts like Rainbow and Black Sabbath.  If not for Dio, the metal world would be very, very different…and probably nowhere near as good.

So.  Thanks, Ronnie.  While you’re over there on the other side, kicking the devil’s ass…give him one for me…

(Does this mean Tenacious D really IS taking over now???)

New Low?

I’ve been deeply immersed in “Big Bang Theory” for the past couple of weeks, catching up.  Only just got into the series (thanks again, Dave) and I’m already into season 2. 

As such, comic books were on my mind…so I went to a comic book store and looked around a little.  Without even thinking, I was wearing one of my Venture Bros. t-shirts.  One of the guys that worked there struck up a conversation about it and our mutual desire to see the latter half of season four.  (Already off to a nerdy start.)  I leafed through a few things, and made a couple of choices from the “never-heard-of-it” department.  The guy complimented my choice—and not in the “I really want to sell you that” way.  He genuinely liked my taste in semi-indie comics…we then discussed “Local” for a bit and compared notes on “Bone.”  (I pushed up my glasses while I wrote that…) 

At one point, I wandered back to the t-shirts.  I know what you’re thinking.  “How can a comic book store have t-shirts?”  Look…everything has a t-shirt these days.  I don’t make fun of you for your t-shirt that proclaims you to be the #1 Grandma…so don’t make fun of me for my Batman tees.  (No offense, Grandma.)

Moving on…

I ran across a t-shirt that references a common bit of H. P. Lovecraft’s geography.  It was a shirt made to look like a collegiate tee…in this case promoting Miskatonic University.  It looked like this…

Super-geeky, but cool. Biggest pic I could find of it, unfortunately. But thanks, ludikbazar.com...even though you appear to be in French.

Wanted to buy it, but they only had it in Large (which would’ve been way too tight) or XXL (which would’ve been way too long).  So, I called the guy over and asked if they had it in an XL.  They didn’t…they only have what is on the shelf.  Bummer.  But, we struck up a brief Lovecraft conversation.  As with all Lovecraft conversations, “The Call of Cthulhu” came up.  I mentioned Cthulhu by name…and the guy hugged me for pronouncing it correctly (koo-thoo-loo).

…new low?