While I’m at It…

While I’m getting things off my chest…

Today, I met a guy from a different insurance company (with whom my office is not directly affiliated as a client or employee, just to be clear).  The guy was a piece of trash.  He relayed the story of someone—naming names and giving out personal details—in his office who he “had” to fire.  The situation as he described it was clearly a case of his company overloading an employee, looking for an EXCUSE to get rid of them.  He had a gleam of self-satisfaction in his eyes when he explained that the person he fired was reduced to tears during the unannounced, ambush-event of their firing.  I won’t go into further detail because (1) it wasn’t even MY business in the first place, let alone any of my blog readers’ business and (2) not only confidentiality, but personal integrity prohibits saying much more than that.

Mostly, I just want to say this…

I am glad that I do not work for people like that.  I work for good, honest people who try to do RIGHT by their employees and clients.  Thank God for small miracles.


Quotable quotes:

  • Me, on the subject of Prostitutes and Ice Cream — “If she offers you a lick, don’t do it, kids.”
  • Some guy on a message board: “Anyone says ‘to-mah-to’ to me is getting punched in the nose.”
  • Overheard in a McDonalds: “Sometimes I fart right in the cat’s face, and I’m like, ‘Yeah! Take that!'”  (I have no idea how their conversation took that route, but I laughed.)

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