Crazy Letters to the Editor: iPod Edition

Alternate Post Title: “…And THIS is Why I Will Never Own an iPad”  

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I think we all know that I’m typically only drug into technological “advances” kicking and screaming.  For a long time, I thought I’d never buy an iPod.  Then I got a 2008 Scion xB (that’s a car).  It has a stereo that integrates an iPod and controls it from the dash.  I figured that was a stupid feature to have and not use, so I went out and bought myself an 80 GB iPod.  Apart from SOUNDING like an iPod (super-digital and tinny), for the most part, it’s been convenient to have pretty much anything I might want to listen to at easy-access while driving.  I’ve been mostly happy with it.

Until recently.  Dun-dun-dunnnnn! <— Dramatic Music 

In the past year, it’s been freezing on me a lot.  It’s to the point that I have to resent the thing (which you CAN NOT accomplish while safely driving) about twice a month.  That shouldn’t be.  I take pretty good care of it.  I don’t leave it in the car.  It goes from the car to indoors with me where-ever I go (unless I’m not going to be that long, or it’s a place that SELLS iPods and I don’t want them to ask if I stole it).  It’s never had anything spilled on it.  It’s never been dropped, to my knowledge.  I’ve been careful.  But it’s already showing major signs of wear and is failing on me. 

Now…there are several things that the Steve Jobs Kool-Aid drinkers will say at this point.  Let’s address them numerically. 

 1. “Well it’s getting pretty old.  You should probably upgrade.” 

No thank you.  I know that technology moves quickly…but it’s less than TWO YEARS old.  I don’t have the money to replace an iPod every couple of years, in the first place…but in the second place, they still sell the EXACT model I have.  It looks exactly the same and IS exactly the same.  It’s still a current product, and something they still readily SELL shouldn’t have to be considered “old” yet.  Plus, I have a much older MP3 player I bought to listen to music at work at SLCC that still works just fine.  It holds a LOT less stuff and doesn’t link up to my car like my iPod…but it still works–and it’s been abused a LOT worse than my iPod.  Shockingly…it’s not an Apple product.  (Nor a Zune, for that matter…)   

2. “Have you tried a “scan and fix?” 

…and delete the 10,000+ songs I’ve got on there?  No thank you, again.  As irritating as the constant reboots are, at least my stuff basically stays on there.  The one time I did a “scan and fix” it deleted everything and I had to start over. That wasn’t cool…and again, shouldn’t happen on a gadget that’s less than 2 years old.   

3. “GASP! (and nerd-glasses push-up) — You…you mean you haven’t got your iTunes backed up?!?  What kind of monster ARE you?!?” 

Okay…maybe I should have done that at some point.  That’s valid.  But I did change laptops a while back when I upgraded to one more suited for my recording software.  (Sound business decision, and I stand by it.)  So, my library is split between 2 machines, anyway…but even still, do you have any concept of how much drive-space a big iTunes archive takes up?  It’s at least a few gigs…and that’s space I need for more important files (like the recording files I actually BOUGHT my laptop to maintain)…so, no, I don’t back it up regularly, but I DO delete stuff from my iTunes pretty regularly.  Thank God I never set my iPod to “synch” with iTunes (HUGE mistake, if you’ve done it) so at least everything stays on the iPod. (Except, for some reason, it lists the complete “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” project by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band twice, no matter how many times I remove it…and it won’t list the Hank Williams collection I put on it at all…which is weird, but a separate infuriating issue.  Maybe it just doesn’t like good country…) 

4. “Apple has a pretty good replacement program.  Maybe you should trade it in.” 

Again…and lose the 10,000+ songs on it?  No thank you.  And…again…it’s only TWO YEARS OLD.  The answer to a well-maintained piece of equipment failing shouldn’t be “Hey Apple…please give me a new one.”  Have you ever stopped to think that maybe they’re so willing to replace a defective product because they KNOW it’s crap, but still want your money? 

…and let’s end that numerical thing…I’m bored of it… 

As you can tell, I have my problems with the iPod/iTunes/Crapple products in the first place.  The fact that my ONE purchase from the company is proving me right just makes it worse.  Of course there’s always the “maybe I just got a bad one” thing…but it worked okay for about a year, so I’m not thinking that’s the case.  I think they just don’t last very long.  And I know I’m not the only one with this problem.  Click on your Google toolbar.  Type in “80 gig iPod.”  What suggestions does Google pop up?  I see “80 gig iPod frozen,” “80 gig iPod reset,” and “80 gig iPod won’t sync” all in the top ten.  That says a lot.  Google never lies. 

And stuff like this is why I’ll never tout the Apple banner.  I’m never buying an iPad (for starters on that one, I just don’t trust a $500 glorified laptop on which the battery isn’t even user accessible).  I’m never buying an iTouch, iPhone, or Macbook (which for some reason doesn’t start with “i”).  I’m never buying another Apple product.  Why?  Because the thing that is their calling card…the thing that indeed the names of most of their subsequently developed products harken back to just plain sucks.  Say what you will, I’ve never seen the “blue screen of death” that so many Mac users say Windows pops up every ten minutes.  I’ve had some minor compatibility problems, especially with my initial switch to Vista, before all the bugs were worked out (which was largely just misuse on my part)…but otherwise, I’ve never had a problem like what so many Mac users insist I MUST be having…except when I’ve tried to plug a Mac-based product into my PC.  

I may just go back to burning CDs.  I’ve missed it anyway.  

Just had to get that off my chest.  My apologies to my friends who are Mac fans—I know there are several of you.  I’m just sick of having to deal with the same freaking errors over and over again, and drove to work in silence as a result…so a rant was born.  

Thanks for your time. 

…oh…and sorry the name of the blog I stole the image at the top of the post from has the word “fuck” in it. 


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  • I went through and listened to the complete Pearl Jam catalog in my car after having gone to the show last week.  It was fun.  I even put “Lost Dogs” in the mix (which wasn’t as fun, because “Lost Dogs” is boring…but whatever).  I played all the records in alphabetical order, ending with “Yield” on the drive home from work—which would have been the drive TO work if not for the above.  Lots of songs I kind of forgot about.  Lots of stuff I know in my sleep.  Good week.  Not sure what to pop in the player tomorrow, as a result.  May just have to listen through “Backspacer” one more time.  🙂