Random Stuff

Feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog…so I’m just going to get something else up here…and I do “random” best…so let’s go!

  1. Had a great time with some friends at Fast Eddie’s last night.  They shall remain nameless, so that people who’re better (sic) Christians than us won’t tell them that they’re going to Hell.
  2. Just a reminder…my birthday is May 29th.  I’m turning 30, and you’re invited to help me celebrate at Blueberry Hill (on Delmar, in STL).  I’ll be there 8-12 and you don’t have to bring me a gift.
  3. Finally got into “Big Bang Theory.”  Borrowed the first season DVDs from my brother this weekend, and I’m already almost through it!  Great show, and I was hooked from the moment Leonard used a light-saber as a protective flashlight.  🙂  I posted that on Facebook, too and got a bunch of “likes” on it.  Apparently everyone I know has been waiting for me to start watching this thing!
  4. Betty White was awesome on SNL last night.  One of the few strong episodes of the season.
  5. Doctor Who was a cliffhanger!  They shouldn’t do that to me!
  6. It’s amazing to me how many people I know who have no idea that I’m a recording musician with several records out there for sale.  Last night someone said something like, “It’s not THAT hard to put out an album” and I said, “Hell, I’VE got three!”  They had no idea…  (And I’ve played on a bunch more that aren’t under my own name…)  That’s just such a big part of my life that it’s always weird when someone doesn’t know about it.
  7. Speaking of which, I’ve got a bunch of “parts” of songs sitting around right now.  I think most of them are “solo” type songs (ie, not something I’d do in Blue Tattoo, if it were still up and running).  Might have two different projects developing at once, as I still want to do the Vonnegut-inspired record I was talking about a few posts back…but some of the songs have lyrics, and they’re not Vonnegut songs.
  8. Congrats to the 2010 grads from SLCC.
  9. I’m pretty proud of myself.  I was at Best Buy on Friday with my brother and I had the new record by The Hold Steady in my hands.  It was on sale for $7.99 and I thought that was a good deal.  Then I remembered that I’m short on cash…and I actually put it down!  Yea, me!

…that’ll do it for now.  Just got tired of looking at my Pearl Jam review.  I’ll try to come up with some interesting stuff this week.

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