Just a Quick Post

Okay…so I’m 30.  I’ll blog more extensively about it tomorrow night after the “family” part of my birthday…but in short, it’s been a big, fun weekend.  All in all, 30 ain’t so bad…except for when I fell down the stairs…but we’ll get to that in the next post.

For now…just thanks to everyone who’s made it good so far this weekend!

The rest of you, I judge harshly.

Thank God they don’t look like Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Or, “I finally figured out how to reference the movie ‘Twins’ in the blog title.”)

Finally saw the twins…and finally posting pics.  First one’s from Dave’s phone.  Other two are from mine.  Sorry mine are of lesser quality.  My cell phone doesn’t seem to like warm lighting and takes kind of fuzzy shots sometimes.  Mine aren’t necessarily the best pics of anyone, mostly due to lighting and/or motion blur…but it’s what I’ve got.  (Plus, I wasn’t exactly saying, “okay…everybody look at me and say cheese!” or anything.)

This is them on the day they were born. It was taken on Dave's phone. I'm mainly posting it so you can see the difference between how good a picture his phone takes and how bad a picture mine takes. Patterson's on the left, Melody's on the right.


Dogpile on Daddy! Left to right - Valerie, Dave, Patterson, Tessa, and Melody. Patterson, as you can see, didn't bother waking up for most of the time I was there. (This is now my phone's caller-ID pic for their house, btw.)
Same basic shot...except in this one Tessa's waving, and I thought that was cute.

So there you go…


Comic books purchased this week:

  • The Return of Bruce Wayne – Issue #2
  • Sam and Twitch: The Writer (by Todd Mc Farlane of “Spawn” fame) – Issues 1 & 2
  • Justice League: Generation Lost – Issues 1 & 2
  • Batman Detective Comics – Issues 864 & 865

Some Random Stuff

Hodge-podge in my brain…hodge-podge on my blog.  Enjoy!

  1. Pics of the twins forthcoming…likely tomorrow.
  2. I am one of the folks who really LIKED the finale of “Lost” last night.  The “fan” boards are full of people who hated it, of course (mostly because they didn’t see it coming and they’re pissed off that their pet theory wasn’t right, if you ask me).  But I thought it was a very good ending.  As I’ve been saying ever since…no, it didn’t answer all of the questions…but it didn’t have to answer every question, it just had to end the story.  And it left us plenty to talk about, while still providing a definite and basically satisfactory END.  So that’s good.  I also watched the special on Kimmel afterward…and I’ll tell you this…  If Matthew Fox, Terry O’Quinn, and Michael Emerson want to form a three-man chat-show…I’d watch that.  Those guys are endlessly entertaining together.
  3. Okay…here’s the difference between Marvel Comics and DC Comics…  I picked up Marvel’s new “Avengers” series and they brought me up to speed, gave me a solid footing, gave me all the names I’ll need, and eased me into the story.  I also picked up DC’s “Legion of Super-Heroes” and was absolutely lost, didn’t know who a lot of people were, felt like I missed DECADES of back-story, and didn’t have much desire to reach the end of the book.  (Both issues, by the way, were first-issues, with a big #1 on the cover…so that would tend to imply a starting point, no?)  So…basically, Marvel gets you excited for what’s ahead, and DC rewards you for following what came before.  If you ask me, that gives Marvel the edge…even though some of my favorite titles are DC books.
  4. I’m considering starting a comic book blog as a side project, just to keep all the nerdery in one place…but we’ll see…
  5. Reminder, in case I forget to mention it later in the week…  My birthday is this Saturday and I’ll be at Blueberry Hill hanging out with who-ever shows up from 8-12 that night.  Come on by and say hello, if you’re free…and don’t feel like you need to bring me a gift.  Just wanna see your face.
  6. I’m up through episode 10 of the current season of “Big Bang Theory.”  I’m almost all caught up!  Love this show and can’t believe I missed it for so long!  I am puzzled by how many recurring cast members used to be on “Roseanne,” though.  If Tom Arnold shows up, I’m going to start to worry.
  7. The air conditioning at our office hasn’t been working properly.  It’s been pretty much dead ever since it got warm enough to need it…and with temperatures in the 90s this week, that REALLY sucks.  Our bosses are doing everything they can about it, but they don’t own the building, so they’re stuck.  Their office is hotter than ours, though…so God bless ’em.  It’s just been hard to focus at work and I’m tired of feeling like I need a shower by noon.  I’m sure it’ll work out sooner or later…I just hope it’s sooner!  But, at least the company president bought us all fans.  That was cool.  🙂
  8. Got offered a gig tonight.  I don’t have details, as it was just a voicemail and I feel like it’s a little too late to call back tonight.  I’m hoping to say “yes” to it…but I don’t even know the date!  🙂  Mostly, it’s just cool to have someone call out of the blue and offer me a set.  Here’s hoping it’ll be doable.  I’ll keep you posted.
  9. So…in the A-Team movie…  Why do they have a guy playing Mr. T when Mr. T is still alive and looks exactly the same?
  10. I’ve decided to fill my China cabinet with styrofoam plates.
  11. Have you seen those new commercials for the Sharp Aquos?  Is it just me or is Sulu kind of a dick?
  12. I officially have a definitive list of things I need/want to get done around the house to get at least the main part of the upstairs looking semi-live-able.  It’s been “in-transition” for a long time…but now I’ve got a check-list.  Yay me!
  13. I hate it when I remember that I’ve got an eBay account.  I never bid on anything I need or even especially WANT.  Current mistake: Bidding on the complete run of the 1980s comic books series “Infinity Inc.”
  14. World Cup 2010 starts next month.  I’d be behind Ireland, if they were in it…  Just doesn’t seem like Football without the Irish…so I guess I’m for…what?  Germany or something?
  15. I’ve got a hankering for some Greek food.

…and I’ll stop there.  I’ll do my best to deliver those promised baby pictures tomorrow.


Current Reading:

  • Catching up on DC’s “52” story from 06/07.  Didn’t read it at the time for some reason.
  • Hoping to get some new reading material for my birthday…requested a couple of Vonnegut books for my ongoing research for the record I’m planning…and just for fun, too!  🙂

I ate a lot of peanuts today, but that has nothing to do with this post at all, so don’t dwell on it.

Well, my 2-year-old niece has bronchitis…so I’m not meeting the twins until at least over the weekend and possibly not until next week.  That sucks…  I think I’m the only one in the family who hasn’t seen them yet.  I probably should’ve gone by yesterday instead of being considerate.  🙂

I’ve been keeping busy, though.  I’m building a website for my friend and co-worker Tara.  She’s a photographer, and she’s really good at it…it’s been a good experience, and it’s almost done.  Been a little frustrating, mostly because GoDaddy has lots of little steps that I’ve not had to deal with before…but it’s still been a good learning experience.  I’ll post a link once it’s fully done.  Hoping to get some work in on it tonight, in fact.

I also need to busy myself tonight by logging in to my work-account and playing catch-up.  I took a day off two weeks ago with a stomach problem and I’ve just been behind ever since…  That’s really frustrating.  There’s not much that can be done about it, except for pulling some extra hours…  And while I’m cool with that, I don’t want it to look like I’m abusing the program just to get overtime.  I’ve never been the kind of guy that’s cared much about putting in a couple of hours I don’t get paid for…but our system isn’t really set up for that.  (For the record, I DO care about putting in a LOT of hours I don’t get paid for…but that’s not the issue right now, because my bosses are good folks and don’t do that to us—and I’m saying that in the belief that they don’t read my blog…so let’s move on.)  So, yeah…I should really stop blogging and start working.

…yet I have all these comic books to read!