Why I Don’t Like Summer

People tend to think I’m weird for preferring winter over Summer.  (Actually, my favorite time of year is Fall…but that doesn’t last very long in St. Louis, much like Spring…)  So, just to be clear on it, here are some reasons that I don’t like Summer and/or DO like Winter.  Why?  Because I’m CLEARLY out of ideas of what else to write on the blog!

  1. I’ve got allergies.  Spring/Summer sucks for allergies.  I spend pretty much March through late-September or early October walking around in a fog with itchy eyes.  Not so in Winter.
  2. No tornadoes in Winter.  (At least not usually.)  Whereas the tornado season seems to have officially started TODAY with even a local mall freaking out and making people evacuate some stores to move to the mall’s center.
  3. I’m a sweaty guy.  I don’t think it’s overly horrible, smell-wise…but I sweat a lot, particularly from my forehead.  That makes Summer suck hardcore.  Ever wonder why I always wear a straw hat in Summer?  That’s why.  It’s an attempt to keep sweat out of my eyes, while I’m outside.
  4. I can’t STAND baseball.  And it frequently pushes my favorite shows off air or makes them start really late…plus people give you a TON of crap for saying that you don’t like baseball, especially in St. Louis.
  5. I don’t sleep well when it’s hot…and I wake up even worse.  Being a sweaty guy in the first place, when it’s over about 70-75 degrees while I’m sleeping, I sweat while I’m sleeping.  I often wake up with the back of my shirt, right around my neck, damp.  If that weren’t bad enough, I also get a little dehydrated in the process, too, so I’ll wake up with a pretty bad headache and a deep need for water or juice.  That sucks.  People don’t GET how much that sucks.  (Doubled by the fact that I sleep badly in the first place…all that just makes the insomnia worse, as well.)
  6. I look much better when I can dress in layers.  So much so, in fact, that I often dress in lightweight long-sleeved shirts with the sleeves rolled up, even in Summer.  And people seem to think that’s weird…
  7. I love shellfish…and none of the Summer months have an “r” in them.
  8. I’m going to go ahead and mention the tornadoes again.  That’s a pretty good one.
  9. When you’re cold, you can put on more clothes or a blanket.  When you’re hot, you can’t get much more naked than naked, and usually you can’t even do THAT without getting arrested.
  10. In Winter, the temperature being too cold and there being snow on the ground are perfectly legitimate reasons for being late to or missing work…but Summer has no equivalent.
  11. The air conditioner in my office isn’t very good.  That one’s specific to me, I know…but I feel it’s valid.  (Which reminds me…I need to buy a desktop fan one of these days…)
  12. Outdoor concerts suck.  The sound is bad, the seats are sticky, there are bugs, it might rain…and the really good bands always seem to want to play the outdoor venues.
  13. …and good Lord, the bugs!  Spiders start showing up…that’s terrible.  (I’m terrified of spiders almost to the point of paralysis.)  How can ANYONE prefer a temperature that’s acclimate to spiders?!?
  14. My back hurts.  That doesn’t have anything to do with Summer…but it does bug me.
  15. I’m a little-bit of a homebody.  I like to stay in and watch TV or a movie.  When it’s cold, “I didn’t feel like getting out in this weather” is a perfectly valid excuse.  People don’t let you slide with that one in Summer though…which I think is unfair!  There are MANY or us who are uncomfortable in heat…why can’t WE use the same excuses those freaks who don’t like cold use?
  16. Gas prices go up in Summer, just in time for your already-too-expensive vacation.
  17. EDIT: Oh yeah…and camping sucks, too…

…and so on…


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