Here’s some stuff from in my noggin’.

  1. Finally caught up with this season of “How I Met Your Mother.”  I’ve only been about 4 episodes behind, but a lot can happen on that show in 4 weeks (not as much as on “LOST,” but whatever…).  It’s still one of the funniest shows on TV, even 5 years along on a premise that could easily wear thin, but somehow doesn’t.  The show’s got an expiration date built in, and I think it’s getting close.  Sooner or later Ted HAS to meet the mother, after all…  But I’m hoping we’ll get another year or two out of it.  If they gracefully bow out at the 7-year-itch, I’ll be cool with it, as long as the mother doesn’t turn out to be whoever the flavor of the week pop-singer is (looking at YOU, GaGa).
  2. My new phone’s working out pretty well.  It’s highly customizable and if you plug it into your computer, it pretty much serves as a flash drive, which is handy.  Plus, I seem to have a video-record function that is only limited by the memory space on the phone…which may come in handy the next time DBT is in town.  (Before anyone shakes their finger at me, DBT encourages their fans to record the shows.)
  3. The new Rufus Wainwright CD has grown on me a LOT over the past couple of days.  It’ll be a GREAT rainy-drive-to-work CD in the future.  (Maybe tomorrow?  I hear we might get a storm tomorrow during the commute…)
  4. You may have noticed that I’ve been trying to put my posts into categories and add “tags” at the bottom of the posts.  I thought that’d be handy for keeping the blog better organized, but then I found out that clicking on that stuff only takes you to other blogs on WordPress that are discussing those topics.  So that seems kind of useless to me, since I really don’t care how many complete strangers read my blog (I mean, it’s cool if they do…but I’m not actively promoting it for that purpose).  So I’m going to stop doing that.  Seems like extra effort for something that really isn’t a goal of mine in the first place.
  5. Speaking of goals of mine…  If the Democratic National Convention comes to St. Louis, I think I’m going to try to go to whatever I can.  It’s a life-goal of mine to meet a sitting President, preferably one I voted for.  As much time, energy, and money as I’ve poured into the Obama campaign, it’d be really cool if it were him.  As I’ve said in the past, I kind of think of him as my generation’s Kennedy…and who wouldn’t have wanted to meet Kennedy?  (Well…except Lee Oswald, I guess…)
  6. Food for thought…  If you HAD to…like MEDICALLY had to…  Which member of the “Golden Girls” cast would you make out with—just maybe to like second base?  (And yes, I know that a couple of them are dead…but I’m talking about when they were alive.)  Me?  If we’re talking about the actress, then Betty White, because she seems nice.  If we’re talking about the CHARACTERS on the show, then I’d go with Blanche…that horny old broad probably knows a thing or two!  (Good luck getting that image out of your head.)
  7. Should be recording some bass tracks for a band this weekend…  By which I mean I’M engineering as some other guy plays bass.  It’s only five tracks.  Might be quick…might take all day.  Hard to tell.  Hoping for just about a 2 hour thing…but I get the sense that the guy’s a perfectionist, from what the drummer tells me.  (And with this project having has its first session with me over two years ago…I’m inclined to think that’s about right…)  Might be a long one.
  8. I was in a Del Taco the other day with a couple of guys from work for lunch.  Some lady (who we all could tell wasn’t firing on all cylinders when we walked in) was waiting on her food and started screaming at the girl behind the counter.  She eventually demanded her money back and left.  There was no call for it and everyone in the place was glad to see her leave.  Just wanted to say that the girl behind the counter (who I’d never previously met, btw) handled it super-professionally and deserves a promotion for putting up with recently release psych patients like that.  Way to go, Denise!

…I think that’ll do it.  There’s more, but I’m tired of writing.

4 thoughts on “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRandom!”

  1. [Warning: Geekness]
    The tags / categories feature of WordPress works a little differently if you are hosting your own installation as opposed to on their servers. It only shows posts from YOUR site with those tags and categories. I know I’ve suggested harped about hosting this on your own site enough to annoy you and I don’t mean to do so again. But this is one of the advantages.

    I recently started hosting two of my other friend’s WP sites (for free) and I could set up the same for you with – http://blog.derekbrink.com/ – or something similar. 🙂 I’m sure the current posts and content can be copied over easily enough.

  2. Ehh…I’m too lazy. 🙂

    Plus, I just don’t particularly care for it when people use their website AS their blog. My website’s a dedicated promotional tool for my musical career and I like keeping the two separate, except for the hyperlink.

    …but thanks!

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