A Day Late and About $200 Short…

Sorry I didn’t blog when I said I was going to…but you probably should’ve seen that coming.  That’s right.  I’m blaming YOU.

So anyway…here’s a random post…

  1. My jaw has been a little stiff this week.  I think I over-extended it eating a burger from Five-Guys last week.  (Incidentally, they have the best burgers you can get at fast-food speeds…though they’re a little bit more pricey than they need to be.)  Doesn’t hurt or anything.  There’s no swelling and I’m pretty sure I didn’t break a tooth or anything.  It’s just a little tight and I’m being careful of how wide I try to open it to eat.  Minor inconvenience…but felt like writing about it.
  2. Doctor Who debuted their new Doctor this weekend.  It was pretty good.  At first, I wasn’t really buying the new guy, but he grew on me.  There was a particular scene at the end of the show where they did a quick visual recap of the previous ten Doctors then had the new guy walk through the projected image and announce, “Hello.  I’m the Doctor.”  Whatever else could be said about the episode, that scene was pretty freaking pimp.  (They pimped my Doctor! …sorry…)  All in all, I think I’ll like the new guy.  I’m not sure I’ll like him more than David Tennant (his immediate predecessor), but he’ll certainly fill the role well, if it stays on par with the first episode.  At least they proved that they still know how to WRITE the show, which is about 75% of the battle with this kind of program.
  3. The kids sections at bookstores make me feel like a bad uncle.  I don’t know what to buy.  Apparently Tessa’s too advanced for the stuff that’s actually labeled as being for her age group…and I don’t know what’s supposed to be good.  Ended up buying her a little stuffed Elmo (it doesn’t require tickling, doesn’t hokey OR pokey, and doesn’t do any of that other crap…it’s just Elmo) and a copy of “Harold and the Purple Crayon.”  She kissed Elmo on the nose and handed me the book before wandering off…  So that works.  Wasn’t as big a hit as the duck on a stick thingy that Susan got her, or the toddler-sized bike that my dad got her…but didn’t have to be.  Either way…Barnes and Noble and Borders both suck if you only buy stuff for kids when you HAVE to…
  4. Got a new phone.  It’s another touch-screen.  I’m not a fan of touch-screens, since my last one sucked so hard…but this works okay so far.  I’ve got the Internet with me where-ever I go and it’s highly customizable…so as long as the screen holds out, we’ll be fine.
  5. I’m running low on money already.  I got paid on THURSDAY and I’m already broke again.  Ugh…
  6. Upon review, Pearl Jam’s last record belongs WAY higher ont  my top ten of ’09 list than #9.  Should’ve been in the top five, easily.  I’d revise…but who cares?
  7. The best whiskey I’ve ever had in my life is made in Ireland (of course) and is called Paddy.  It isn’t available in the States, unless you know someone who can bring you a bottle from the Duty Free store on their way home.  But a CLOSE second has to be Bushmills, which is also Irish (or course).  (Best American whiskey, btw, is without a doubt Maker’s Mark.)  Dunno why I’m sharing that…I guess it’s just a hint that if any of you go to Ireland, I’d appreciate a bottle.  🙂
  8. There’s this thing on Facebook that has been supporting a girl who needed a heart transplant.  Apparently yesterday, the girl got her heart—which is awesome.  It’s a really good cause, and I’m not in any way trying to take away from it…  There is one thing I’m seeing that bothers me a little, though.  Tons of my friends are posting in their statuses that we need to pray that the transplant keeps and the girl has a full recovery…but I haven’t seen anyone suggest that people pray for the family of the person who died in order for her to get that heart.  Somebody lost the most important person in their life, and though the result of their loss is awesome, I’m sure the family would appreciate a little thought from some of us, too.  Just kinda thought about that a little bit ago…  I do hope the heart transplant holds out like it should.  It’d be a shame for someone to have hope and lose it…and it’d be a double-shame if someone else died for nothing.  (Of course, being that I don’t know either party, this is just a man’s-humanity-for-man thing…but nonetheless…)
  9. Our server at work died on Friday.  I didn’t get any of my actual job done.  (Hoping to log in remotely for a bit tonight.)  Even if I get a bit done tonight, it’s probably going to be a LONG day (or two) of catch-up tomorrow.  Here’s hoping I get some sleep tonight!

…and that’ll do it…  I’d promise to have something interesting to talk about soon…but I don’t know what it’d be!  🙂

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