I’m Still With CoCo, but I’m a Little Disappointed

So it’s official.  Conan O’Brien has a TV deal.  That’s good news.  The bad news is that it’s not on a network.  It’s on TBS.  Right before George Lopez.

A few problems there…

  1. TBS got so bad that they couldn’t even sell WRESTLING after about 1998.  And the best they’ve got now is George Lopez.
  2. What demographic does TBS appeal to?  People who want to watch old Charles Bronson movies?  Is that really the Conan audience?
  3. Conan would’ve been a GREAT fit among Fox’s Simpsons/Family Guy viewers…but unfortunately, Fox couldn’t guarantee him a time-slot in most of the country due to local affiliates showing the news and/or Seinfeld reruns at the 10:00 hour.  Way to drop the ball, Fox.
  4. Major downward move from network to basic-cable.  I know a couple of people who don’t have cable (I know, it’s shocking)…they won’t see the show.  That sucks, because I’m sure Conan will be great.
  5. George Lopez has been talking like he’s the cock of the walk.  (He’s half right.)  In the interviews I’ve read, he seems to be acting like the whole deal is his doing and like CoCo’s his opening act.  Whereas, in truth, George Lopez is like 10 pounds of suck in an 8 pound bag.  We get it George…Mexicans and Americans do things differently.  (But I guess I should respect the guy for being able to stretch that into a 20 year career…)  Enjoy the brief bump you’re getting from this.  It ends on Conan’s first night when people flip away from your show to Craig Ferguson.
  6. If CoCo did have to move his show-show to cable…why not Comedy Central?!?  He’d have fit right in with Colbert and Stewart.  It was probably a time-slot thing there, too.  I think the Colbert Report and the Daily Show air at the time Conan would’ve wanted…  It’s a shame that people think the time-slot is more important than the production—and I’m talking about the stations and the performers on that one.

…and that’s the downside.

But the upside—and this does dwarf the downside—is that Conan has a show again, and is likely to bring a lot of the old crew with him.  I’m looking forward to that.

…but sorry, “I’m With CoCo” Facebook fan-page…I REFUSE to start saying “I’m with LoCo.”  Seriously.  George Lopez isn’t funny.


Quick Movie Review

  • Reign Over Me – Released in 2007 and starring Adam Sandler.  I’m not a Sandler fan…but this was pretty good.  I didn’t quite buy the end of the movie…but it was overall good and featured an AWESOME cover of The Who’s “Love, Reign O’er Me” by Pearl Jam.  (Side note—I’m a life-long Who fan, but Pearl Jam now has the torch.  At the Rock-Honors thing in honor of The Who, Pearl Jam performed before them and blew everyone on the bill away.  INCLUDING the honorees.  They actually out-Who’ed The Who!)  Good movie that dealt with its subject matter in a way that not only didn’t irritate me (it references 9/11/01) but actually really WORKED for me.  This one passed me by at the time, but Christine (at work) handed me her copy and told me I should give it a look.  About seven months later (super-sorry, Christine!) I finally did.  Worth it.  I give it 4 out of 5 Daves.  (That’s a rating system my brother uses on his blog…and I’m stealing it.)  🙂

2 thoughts on “I’m Still With CoCo, but I’m a Little Disappointed”

    1. I think pretty close to everything I watch is on cable these days…I think the only network shows I watch are House and Lost. I’d REALLY miss it! 🙂

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