I’m Going to Be Making Some Changes, Angela.

Dear Angela,

I’m going to be making some changes to my blog soon.  The “Shameless Promotion” tab will disappear and be replaced by two different tabs.  One will be a “Works in Progress” tab, where I’ll post random things about whatever musical (or perhaps other) project I’ve got going on that are too long, too boring, or too technical for most people to care about and therefore don’t warrant being mentioned on the main page.  The other will be a tab promoting my studio and services I offer as an engineer/producer/whatever.

Also, you may have noticed that with this new template, I’ve now got the ability to keep SENSIBLE spaces between paragraphs, so there’s not going to be an inch of white space between words anymore.

 Just didn’t want to ruin your drive to work by doing that before announcing it.




For anyone who doesn’t get that, see the comments on the post where I say I’m trying out a new theme for the blog.  🙂