You know the drill…  Here’s some random stuff from in my brain.

  1. I’ve had a lot of Chinese food that I’ve not really enjoyed lately.  I’ve really got to go by the place near my house one of these days and get Chinese food done right!
  2. Quick review – Vonnegut’s book “Mother Night.” – I mentioned it on the blog a post or two ago.  I’ve since finished it.  Really good book.  Certainly among his best work.  One of those books where you feel robbed when it ends, not because it ended badly, but because it had to end at all.  Give it a look if you want a good WWII novel.
  3. I’ve got a mixdown of the Blue Tattoo abandoned-record done for some reason.  I’ve been trying to sync-up schedules/timing with the other guys to get them copies.  Wish it were going to be released…but if nothing else, it’s nice to have the keepsake.
  4. Re: My solo act.  I’ve opened up some initial conversations to get some bookings on my calendar.  Not sure what “band” if any will accompany me for the first few…but it’s exciting to have SOME forward motion, anyway.  I’m trying to kind of reinvent my sound a little to be more rock-sounding even on the more acousticy-stuff.  I think there’s enough of my material that’ll make the transition to make it a decent set of songs.  I’ve got three records and a bunch of stuff I haven’t released yet.  I should be able to find SOMETHING in there!
  5. We’re REALLY caught up at work right now!  (At least as it applies to my job and the stuff directly connected to it.)  That’s pretty cool.
  7. Imagine #6 as said by Sean Connery, and you’ll know what it was like to be in my office all day today.  🙂
  8. I stopped by Best Buy today and they didn’t have ANY of the CDs I was looking for (there were about 5 on my list).  Now…either my tastes have gotten so obscure and weird that major stores don’t carry them anymore (but come on…no Lou Reed?) or the Best Buy nearest to me sucks.  And considering the fact that they’ve GREATLY reduced the numbers of CDs, DVDs, Blu Rays, etc that they have on the shelves…I’m thinking they just suck.
  9. I think I might’ve gotten my picture taken by one of those red-light cameras coming off the highway today.  In my defense, I did not expect the traffic to come to a dead stop while I was in the middle of the intersection.  Hopefully, the guy who reviews the tape will be lenient…  I have my doubts.
  10. I’m hungry…no motivation to cook or go to a drive-thru.  Bummer.
  11. Just seems to me that if an air-conditioner is set at 72-degrees and it’s still kicking on, that means it’s over 72-degrees in the room and it needs to kick on…it doesn’t mean that it needs to be turned off.
  12. “House” apparently hasn’t been new for WEEKS (or the DVR somehow got screwed up).  I miss it.
  13. I could use a new straw hat.  It’s kind of that time of year, and the one I’ve been wearing for years has some wire poking through.  It’ll be sad to retire it…but hey…new hat!  🙂
  14. I somehow deleted the “Recycle Bin” icon from my desktop–hopefully not the whole Bin!  anyone know how to get that back?
  15. The wrestler Chris Kanyon died over the weekend of a possible suicide (could also have been accidental overdose, but people seem to be leaning toward suicide).  He was a really great wrestler.  They used to call him the “Innovator of Offense.”  He did things in the ring that I’ve never seen anyone do before or since, and by most accounts was a really good guy.  (He was also noted to be one of the only wrestlers ever to be openly gay while still actively wrestling, but that’s very much a side-note to his career…which is why I’m stating it parenthetically.)  So that sucks.  Always hoped he’d find a way to make a comeback.
  16. My back has been bugging me more lately.  I don’t know if it’s a lack of deep sleep or what…but it’s irritating.  One of these days I’ll get that looked at.  (Right after I get to the dentist, ha ha.)
  17. STILL no St. Louis date for the Drive-By Truckers tour!  THAT.  SUCKS.
  18. I’ve got a digital camera…why don’t I take more pictures?  I don’t have like ANY pictures of anyone or anything I like.  I should do something about that.
  19. Quick update on the “Restless” thing I’ve been writing.  I’ve got another chapter mostly written and an outline for another 3-5, depending…some of that’s already written, too.  I’ll finally get another chapter or two up within the month, I think.
  20. I’m not going to see “Date Night,” but I AM going to start shouting “Shut the hole!” at people.  🙂


…and I’m going to stop…


Current Reading:

  • I’m on a mission to read all of the Vonnegut books.  Presently on “Wampeters, Foma, and Granfalloons (Opinions).”  It’s a little bit of a difficult read for me because it’s a compilation of his opinion-pieces up through 1974…so I wasn’t alive for ANY of the stuff he’s talking about.  Fortunately, I’m well-read enough to know about MOST of it…but some of it’s just a little bit “I don’t care about Nixon”-ish.  Still…it’s Vonnegut…so I basically like it.  I think next I’m going to go back and read “Player Piano” and/or “Sirens of Titan” and finish it out by reading the stuff I’ve not read yet in order of release date, which is probably how I should’ve done this all along.