Robert Culp Died (etc.)

Robert Culp died…and all anyone is talking about is “I Spy.”


Personally, I’ve never seen “I Spy” and I remember him better as Ray’s father-in-law on “Everybody Loves Raymond” and at least two performances as the murderer on “Columbo.”  Also, word has it he was a pretty good playwright.  Not to mention his run on “The Greatest American Hero” and in several low-budget murder-mysteries (which he was kind of stuck in for a while due to being typecast—which is just another way of saying he was great at it).  Always entertaining any time I saw him in anything, and created some awesome TV memories. 


Rest in peace, Robert Culp…you awesome murderer, you.


In other news, I’ve been kinda sick.  Caught my brother’s cold.  Hacked up something that had several colors of the rainbow in it the other day.  That was fun.


Also, Mike Feldman’s new record is now officially on iTunes.  Type in Michael Feldman and look for “State of Mind.”  You’ll find him.  (I think he’s also got “Waitin’ on the Rain” up, too—on which I played bass.)


And finally…I’ve got a political post I’m working on…but it’s got a far different tone than most of the political posts I’ve written.  It’s probably going up tomorrow or Friday.  Just wanted to give you something to look forward to.  🙂


Quick CD Review — Finally found David Bowie’s “Reality Tour” live record that came out a little bit.  Good listen–especially for those of us who saw the tour.  Performances are a little rough in some places…  But disc two has some real gems on there.  Plus, live versions of “Life on Mars?,” “Be My Wife,” “Battle for Britain,” “The Motel,” an INCREDIBLE version of “Loving the Alien,” “Five Years,”  and a version of “Under Pressure” that’d do Freddie Mercury proud.  Well worth the $15 I paid.