St. Patrick’s Day Wrap-Up

I wish you all a just-barely-belated happy St. Patrick’s Day.  This was a pretty good one for me.


Took the day off work and went down to the Dogtown parade in St. Louis.  The “official” city parade took place over the weekend, but Dogtown is our city’s Irish district and they always do their parade on the actual DAY of St. Patrick’s Day, no matter what day of the week.  In fact, there are a few blocks that pretty much shut down and no one can even get out of their own driveways.  It’s pretty cool.  Plus, as my brother pointed out, the Dogtown gathering has more people who’re actually celebrating their heritage and aren’t just wearing green and drinking because it’s the thing to do that weekend.  Sure, there’s some of that…but if you wander around that part of town on St. Patrick’s Day, you’re more likely to find a real Irishman than you are wandering around the “city” parade on the preceeding weekend.


Okay…so we went down to the St. James the Greater church and set up shop.  They have pretty good food—though they do SLICED corned beef as opposed to the preferred roast—and there’s a pretty good band that plays.  The one drawback this year was that for some insane reason, they didn’t have any Guinness!  What’s up with that?!?  But, nevertheless, it was a pretty good gathering.


Afterward Dad, Dave and I went to a local bar (away from the hustle and bustle of Dogtown) and had Guinness and food there.  That was nice.  Service wasn’t great because they were short-staffed on the biggest drinking day of the year…but that’s excusable.


Mostly, I just had fun hanging out and listening to good music.  Can’t beat that…even if you do learn the hard way to bring your own Guinness next year…  It was especially good to get to do that with Dad and Dave at the same time.  It’s a rarity that we all find our way to the same parade, so that was nice.


Then I took a nap. 


Then I tried to log in to work to catch up a little…but found that my IP Address had disappeared from the screen I log in from, so I couldn’t get in…  Which means I’m gonna have to work a little on Saturday…


…but it was worth it.


So, happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Hope you spent it with people you love eating and drinking things that you like.  And do remember…that “Snakes out of Ireland” thing is a metaphor.  St. Patrick actually took the Gospel into Ireland and drove out the sin.  I’m not going to harp on it…but that’s what we’re supposed to be remembering, and most people don’t know a thing about it…so Google it if you’ve got a minute. 


As for me…one more episode of “Father Ted” and I’m off to bed.  I’m tired and sore from the day and I could use some sleep…which is pretty sad since we walked for maybe a mile and then sat down all day…  I’ve really got to start working out!


Current Listening:

  • Drive-By Truckers – “The Big To-Do” — Pretty good.  not my favorite thing they’ve done…but far from my least favorite.  Of course, I’ve only listened to it twice, so I might have a completely different opinion about it soon.
  • The Irish Aires – “You Asked For It” — Actually haven’t popped it in yet…but they’re the guys who played at the church today, so I thought I’d give ’em a plug.  🙂