Getting Something Else on the Page

I’m tired of looking at the post about Corey Haim…so I’m just doing a random post to get something up here.

  • Went to a St. Patrick’s Day thing at Andy and Tara’s place on Saturday night.  (Andy and Tara are friends of mine, in case you couldn’t guess that.)  Good folks.  Good corned beef and cabbage.  Good time.  Thanks for that, you two!
  • A friend of mine wants me to play some bass on his upcoming recording.  I’m listening to demos.  We’ll see how it works out.
  • I visited my guitar amp today for the first time in a while.  I haven’t plugged in for a couple of weeks.  It was nice to be loud again.
  • Turning to politics…  I was thinking about how little Obama seems to have accomplished to date.  Then I realized that I actually kind of like that.  Sure, he isn’t doing anything headline-worthy every day…but then again, Bush DID and I couldn’t stand that guy.  It’s nice to know that a guy’s in office that doesn’t make me wonder what war we’re starting this week.  Now…if he could move forward on a few issues, I’d certainly be happy…but in all, I don’t feel like the country’s as mixed up and deeply, aggressively politically separate as I did in 2008.  So that’s a good thing.  (And, as I’ve said again and again, for the first couple of years of the Clinton Administration, there was nothing of any merit being done either…then he wiped out the national debt, put us on the best international footing we’ve ever been in as a nation, and gave us pretty much 8 years of peace and quiet.  Here’s hoping that’s what’s going on now, too.)
  • …and that’s enough about politics for now…
  • Peter Graves died.  Rest in peace, Peter.  You were awesome in “Airplane!” and I dug the guest-spot you did on “House” a couple of years ago.  Thanks for that stuff.
  • Looking forward to the St. Pat’s Dogtown parade on Wednesday.  I’ll have to work a little longer on Tuesday and probably log in after the parade on Wednesday to work from home a little bit…but it’ll be worth it.
  • Michael Feldman’s “State of Mind” CD is officially for sale.  No links yet.  He’s working on that…but I’ve seen the cover-art and it looks pretty cool.  Plus, even though I engineered it, I think it’s one of the best sounding things he’s done (I credit the performances more than my own work for that).  I’ll post some info on it once I’ve got it…but just wanted to mention it.
  • I’m just going to say it now and probably elaborate on it in a later post…  Church music sounds best when played on traditional instruments.  I don’t care how “seeker sensitive” it may be to do it otherwise.  They’re essentially folk songs.  They need folk arrangements.
  • New Drive-By Truckers CD drops on Tuesday!  Yay!
  • I just remembered that I was going to get an oil change this weekend.  I forgot to do that.  Oh well.  Maybe after work on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Turns out I boil one hell of a cabbage, by the way.
  • Missed Pearl Jam on SNL.  Whoops.
  • Also missed DBT on Letterman.  Double whoops.
  • Think I’m going to go to bed a little early (for me) tonight.  Daylight Savings sucks, and I’m tired.  Lousy farmers…whom I support and have donated money to in the not-too-distant past…
  • Okay…I’m not a fan of Lady Ga Ga’s.  I think her music is boring and overly complicated at the same time, and I think her voice is grating…  But, I have discovered that if she’s on a TV show I’m watching, I will not turn it off.  I kinda want to see the (freak) show, y’know?  She did an appearance on Jonathan Ross (BBC talk-show) this weekend and I was rivited for some reason—mainly by the interview, during which she wore a telephone as a hat.  As I’ve said about her before, she’s got that certain “it” factor to her look…like (if you’ll pardon me) someone finally slapped a vagina on Elton John.  Pity she’ll never write “Take Me to the Pilot” though…
  • I made $50 by doing pretty much nothing today.  On the Mike Feldman record, my name was on the packaging and it went through Disc Makers…and since I’m in their “partners” program, they gave me $50 for referring a “client.”  Plus they gave me a framed copy of Mike’s CD and cover-art.  So that’s pretty cool.  Anyone else wanna record with me?  (Mostly, I want to get a few more of those frames for display, ha ha.)
  • My friend Larry had three teeth pulled this week.  Godspeed, Larry.  (And people wonder why I don’t want to go to the dentist…my teeth may hurt, but at least they’re THERE for now!)
  • On the dental front, by the way…  I am planning on seeing a dentist soon.  My teeth don’t hurt right now, so that’s a plus.  I’ve been feeling around with my tongue and none of them are gone or overly sensitive or soft (which is also good).  However, I do still need to get in there, and I know that.  I’ve been putting it off for too long.  I am going to wait to make the appointment until after St. Pat’s though.  I can’t imagine going to the parade, eating all that food, and drinking all that Guinness with a mouth full of stitches.


That’s it for now…it may actually be too much, in fact.  🙂


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