Forgotten in Memorium

I have to say this.  I’m going to go ahead and apologize in advance to the people who’re going to be a little upset by it, but I feel like it HAS to be said.


I watched the Oscars tonight.  They did their “people who died” montage for the year.  They included Michael “I was in ‘The Wiz’ so that kinda counts” Jackson.  Okay.  If you want to include someone whose death was highly notable, but whose contribution to your industry wasn’t too significant, I can deal with it…


But they DID NOT pay tribute to Farrah Fawcett.


Farrah, as many of you know, died a few hours before the One-Gloved Bandit.  Her death was then virtually erased from the headlines by Jackson’s.  Apparently, he meant more in the grand scheme of things than she did…even to the point that Hollywood remembered him and forgot her.


For shame, Academy.


Let’s do a quick comparison…


Fawcett, admittedly, was a little bit nuts in her final years.  She said weird things and seemed spaced out all the time, leading many to suspect drug abuse.  Then we found out the truth.  She’d been fighting cancer.  She won her first battle, stayed a little weird (but I’d imagine I’d be a little weird if I came that close to death, too), then was again diagnosed.  She fought bravely.  She made her struggle as public as she could, made her story an inspiration for those also struggling, and eventually lost her final battle.


Michael Jackson changed his facial appearance with multiple surgeries.  He may or may not have undergone skin bleaching treatments—medical opinions seems to be split on that one.  He (apparently) sought out a doctor who would give him prescriptions that were excessive for his needs, as evidenced by recent developments.  And…I’m sorry—I’m so, so sorry—he behaved like an ass with other people’s children (and with his own—lest we forget the balcony incident).  I don’t know for sure if he was actually a child molester, but at the very least, he behaved in irresponsible ways that someone of his age and intellect should (and almost certainly DID) know was unacceptable.  Then he died with drugs in his bloodstream that were so unnecessary, his doctor was subsequently accused of homicide (thereby pretty much ruining his career).


Boo, Academy.  Boo.