SIX-SIX-SIX — The Number of the Post

In case you don’t get it, this is post #666.  And the thread title is an Iron Maiden reference…and with good cause!


It’s been confirmed that Maiden are commencing on an American tour with Dream Theater as their opening act.  I love Iron Maiden.  I love Dream Theater.  So…of COURSE…this isn’t coming to St. Louis.


…but wait…there’s more!


My brother’s birthday is July 18th.  HE loves Iron Maiden.  HE likes-but-doesn’t-quite-love Dream Theater.  And who just happens to be doing a show in Chicago on July 18th?  Why…Iron Maiden and Dream Theater!


So…we’re going to that.  We both have already taken the following Monday off for the trip back.


Scream for me awesome road-trip…  SCREAM FOR ME AWESOME ROAD TRIP!!!


(…and that was a reference to a thing Bruce Dickenson does a lot at the live shows…seriously…brush up on your music.  I won’t always be around to explain this stuff to you.)


Also, for those who’re wondering, my toothache is a little better.  Not great, but better.  It’s more like “discomfort” now than the throbbing pain it was on Tuesday/Wednesday.  I’ve been trying to find a “soft-touch” dentist that can get me in this week…but no dice so far.  Having some trouble opening my mouth wide enough to chew much other than soup and crackers…but that’ll go away sooner or later, I’d imagine.  In fact, I’m hoping it goes away BEFORE I get to a dentist, because somehow it’s less embarassing that way.