I just found out that Walgreens is going to start selling beer and wine again!


I don’t feel at all ashamed about telling folks that I drink a little.  It’s once a week or less.  I’m in no way an addict.  No worries.  I just enjoy a beer or a whiskey or a glass of wine now and again.  I don’t get drunk often, and when I do, I usually regret it…and if I know I’ll be having more than one or two, I DO NOT drive.


So basically, I’m responsible in my enjoyment of alcohol.  I want to be clear about that.


That said, I’m really excited that Walgreens is making this move…but not for the reasons you’re probably imagining.  I know there are a bunch of people that are already criticizing it.  I’ve read a bunch of comments on the local paper’s website that are something to the effect of, “Great…now a bunch of drunks will be hanging around my kids…blahblahblah…(fart).” 


First of all, a bunch of drunks are likely ALREADY hanging around your kids if you’ve ever taken them out in public ANYWHERE…and they were ALREADY at Walgreens, they were just buying condoms instead of liquor.  In addition to that, most of the drinkers who wander out to buy more alcohol while still drunk go to a liquor store or a gas station and not to a grocery store—the grocery stores are too risky…most of them have cops in them.  The majority of the people you’ll find buying alcohol at Walgreens are the same ones you’ll find a Dierberg’s…people at the start of the evening or in the middle of the week, who are likely to walk out of there and put it into their fridge at home.  And third…you’re over-reacting, and I can’t believe I wasted a full paragraph on it.


So…in summary of that…I’m not excited about it just because it’s another place to buy alcohol…


The reason I’m excited is because when I was a kid Walgreens sold alcohol.  That’s all.  I know that sounds stupid…but that’s it.  When I was a kid, there was this extra section in Walgreens (which was its own room and kids couldn’t just wander into without their parents right next to them) and it had all these cool looking bottles and seemed like its own little world.  I thought it was neat.  And that’s where they sold the beef jerky, too—and I love beef jerky.


Okay…now the same—I think “tight-asses” is the phrase I’m looking for here—who are worried that this will be the ruination of society will point to the above and say, “SEE!!!  When YOU were a kid, just having it in the store encouraged you to drink!”  Ah…no.  When I was a kid, I thought the room looked cool and just wanted to go in there.  I didn’t know what alcohol WAS and it wouldn’t have even occurred to me to drink anything in there.  It just looked cool and I wanted to go into that room and hang out in there because it looked warm, inviting, and—as I said—that’s where the beef jerky was.  HAD I gone in there, I probably would’ve found the cold air of the refrigerators and coolers unpleasant, been bored when I didn’t find any toys, and been overall just plain disappointed.  I did not develop a drinking problem as a kid.  I don’t have a problem today.  Know why?  Because my parents—who took me to Walgreens—raised me properly.


So…it’s on you.  If you don’t want your kids to be alcoholics, then be good parents.  But don’t ruin it for those of us who just like an occasional beer…’kay?


Sorry this was a little disjointed.  I’m just always bummed/irritated when the “BUT THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!” crowd starts telling me how bad I am for doing something that isn’t illegal or immoral…so I felt that I needed to have my say on my blog…and I did.


Now I’ll go back to being excited about it.  🙂  Thanks for indulging me.


And if you indulge in anything else, please…be responsible.


Current Listening:

  • The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club — I’m new to the band, but they’ve got three records out.  They’re coming to town in March and my brother wants to go.  It’s a cheap concert and maybe the last cool show he’ll get to go to for a while what with the twins coming (my current name-suggestions are now Fester Bestertester and Karbunkle, by the way…which I guess would make the girl Karbunkle…but them’s the breaks—it’s a Don Martin cartoon strip, if you don’t know).  So I’m probably going to go to that show with Dave…just need to make sure I like ’em, so I borrowed a couple of CDs from him.  So far, not bad.  Some of it made me kinda sleepy…but I basically like what I’m hearing.