Random, Yet Again…

Thought you’d all need more than one day to sift through the big list…  And also, I don’t really have any one over-arching thing that I want to say at the moment…  Let’s just do some random stuff tonight. 


  1. Been watching a lot of “Doctor Who” (the newer series).  I’m mostly caught up with BUYING everything, and now I’m just watching it.  It turns out that there’s a LOT I hadn’t seen.  I’ve been enjoying it on the “if I haven’t seen it, it’s new to me” level.  🙂
  2. I’ve also gotten into “Torchwood”—a spin-off of “Doctor Who.”  It’s really gritty and raw.  A little hammy and over-acted sometimes…but it basically entertains me, and that’s all I ask.  You don’t have to be a Who-ite (Wholigan?) to enjoy it, and that’s the right way to do a spin-off, I think.  (There is one brief cross-over arc, but it’s not an essential thing.)  In all, I’d recommend it…but not for the faint of heart, those offended by the f-word, of those who’re are offended by men kissing each other…it’s that kind of show (realistic, in a lot of ways, I feel…).
  3. Since we’re on TV…  “LOST” has been really good this season, as has “House.”  Only thing I’m behind on is “How I Met Your Mother,” for some reason…it’s been a fun time of TV watching for me.  Kinda nice to have that kind of thing now and again.
  4. No real update on Blue Tattoo at the moment.  Dave and I have some more talking to do.  But, I have returned to mixing the would’ve-been-record, just for the purpose of not having it sit and be completely abandoned.  I’m doing it a little differently than I had been before, and it sounds pretty good.  Too bad it’s not going to be released.
  5. I put down my guitars for a while in the fallout of Chris quitting the band.  I haven’t played in a couple of weeks.  Picked one up last night and enjoyed it—and I HAVE to enjoy it.  It HAS to be fun for me, at this point in my life…  So, that’s good.  I didn’t have the “wow, I really missed this!” thing…but I had fun, and in a lot of ways, that’s better.
  6. Been kinda watching the Olympics.  Hasn’t been bad, but the Summer Games are WAY more entertaining.  There’s more weird stuff (like fencing, open-water swimming, etc) and gymnastics is always WAY more interesting than figure-skating…but in all, the skiing was pretty good, the snow-boarding was fun…and it’s a bummer that luge guy died.
  7. Still on a Vonnegut-kick in my reading…I’ll let you know when/if that stops.
  8. I’m massively behind at work.  The worst it’s been in my tenure so far.  On the PLUS side, that means we’re doing some really good business lately—the busier, the better.  Of course, on the minus side, I’m just really, really behind.  I’m going to have to put in some serious overtime this weekend, just to get us into specs, I think.  I hate being behind, especially at a job that I really like and feel (highly) motivated to do well at.  I’m sure I’ll get back on track…it’s just been a rough two-weeks.  …and also, I probably should’ve worked through that business lunch (at Maggie O’Brien’s, in St. Louis) this week…that really killed me.  But that was good eatin’.  🙂
  9. My dad has cataract surgery today.  It went well enough.  He texted me when it was done…so if he can see well-enough to text, I guess they can’t have screwed it up too badly.
  10. New Johnny Cash record next week.  I was excited about it until I realized that (1) it’s the last one and (2) they seem to kind of be scraping the bottom of the barrel for song-choices.  I mean, I obviously haven’t heard it yet, and I’m sure there will be at least a few tunes on there that I’ll LOVE…but it has a cover of “Aloha-Oe” on it…and I think that’s supposed to be the big, emotional send-off.  Yikes.  …still I’ve loved the rest of the “American” series, so I’m hoping and expecting to be very pleasantly surprized.


That’s it for now, I think.  So there.

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