Blue Tattoo?

Well…let’s just say it.


Tonight Chris quit the band.  That leaves us one-guitar less in Blue Tattoo…or perhaps more than that.  We’ll see.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.


Chris quit well.  He should be granted that.  He came in and told us to our faces.  He was polite and apologetic.  He cited family issues and recognized that he has enough up in the air that he can not give the band the same level of commitment that he would need to in order to remain a full, dues-paying member.  (We don’t actually pay dues.  It’s a metaphor.)  Best to him.


So that leaves three…maybe.  We’re debating what we want to do.  As of now, Johnny hasn’t quit or been “relieved of his duties” or anything like that.  But we three will probably take a bit of a hiatus and decide what to do.  Do we continue as a trio?  Do we attempt to get another guitarist in the group?  Do we drop it entirely?


Whatever happens, I’m relieved (as always) to know that my brother and I will find a way to do something together.


I can tell you that, at least in the short-term, I’m making some progress with the solo act.  If you bought/were given my “Out from the Light” record, you’re probably at least a little familiar with the drumming of Dave Knobel.  I’m glad to say that he’s signed on for the ride on this stage in the Derek Brink solo-act (I’m probably going to be calling it “Derek and the Somebodies”).  Also on board…probably my brother, playing bass.  I’m going to get him a folder with some music in it, I think.  (Maybe “Derek and the Daves?”)  So that’s cool.  I also have someone else who says he wouldn’t mind sitting in and playing some guitar with me, too…but I’m not quite sure if I want to do the two-guitar thing in the solo act…might wanna get a keyboard player though.  We’ll see how that goes.


So…in summary…bummer about Chris leaving.  Blue Tattoo is on hiatus…also a bummer…  But—bright-spot—I get to work on some of my solo-songs again.


Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, huh?


I’ll keep you posted on any other developments, of course.

This Post Has 1155 Words In It

No real theme…just a bunch of crap…


  1. Been feeling kinda “blah” since the record fell apart.  No one’s fault really, but it bummed me out pretty good for the whole week.  I’m sure I’ll come out of it eventually.  But that does kind of explain some of my lack of posts over the weekend.
  2. Recently went to a church that talked negatively about “mega-churches.”  There is a mega-church right down the block from them that I’m pretty sure was the one they were talking about…and being that I know most of the staff at said mega-church, I think I’m going to be avoiding the little church that’s so grumpy about their smaller numbers that they have to try to slay the dragon. It’s one thing to be proud of your church…it’s another thing to attack fellow-workers in Christ in a sad attempt to retain your membership.  That’s not cool.  (Otherwise I liked the smaller church, though…too bad…)
  3. Watched most of the Grammys.  Then got into like a 30-post argument on Facebook about whether or not Taylor Swift deserved “Album of the Year.”  I’m not the biggest Taylor fan, but I thought she deserved it.  Closest competition I felt that she had among the candidates was the Black Eyed Peas. (I’m sorry but I LOVE “I’ve Gotta Feeling.”  I hate myself for it…but it’s a great song.  It’s so upbeat and energetic and happy…and that pisses me off so bad!)  I can’t stand Be-Kanye or the Douche Matthews Bag…and I can’t remember who else was up for it…  So yeah, I’d give the Grammy to Taylor out of those nominees, if it were my call (and it wasn’t).  I’m not that into her music, but she’s got a pretty good voice, her songs are uber-catchy, and I like anything earthy-sounding.  Plus, it’s nice to see a female performer who isn’t all skanked-out (and butchering Alanis Morrisette songs…seriously, what was THAT?!?).  But I will say that the Zac Brown Band are on my “most-hated” list, mostly for their “Let’s not forget the soldiers who died so we can drink beer and wear blue-jeans” song.  Just crap—and if it makes me a bad American to say that, then so be it (frankly, I think it makes THEM bad Americans to exploit the military to get a hit single…but I digress).  The Ting Tings definitely should’ve walked away with that one, IMO.
  4. Are my friend Larry and I the only ones who are puzzled by the fact that the days already seem to be getting longer?  It was weirdly bright when we left at 5:00 today…just seems a little early.
  5. I was commenting earlier today that we haven’t had too bad of a winter, contrary to all predictions.  But then I remembered that a lot of people elsewhere have been burried in snow…it just seems to have skipped St. Louis.  Hasn’t even been terribly cold for very long.  Got REALLY cold for a week or less…but we’re in the upper 30s/lower 40s all this week.  Been a pretty light winter, compared to what they told us.  As big a pain in the butt as it is to get to my job in the snow, I still feel a little let down by Old Man Winter.  Oh well…
  6. I’ve been eating a lot of burritos lately.  My apologies to the other people in my office.
  7. Finished reading Marilynne Robinson’s “Home” last night.  It’s beautiful.  Ended differently than I’d expected, but all in all not bad, and it leaves the door open for another in the series, if she wants to go that way.  It’s a powerful book.  It’s predecessor (“Gilead”) is about a preacher.  “Home” is about an atheist, set in the same town at the same time, right next door.  I’m glad she wrote both books—one for the saint, the other for the sinner—because I think we’re all both of those people at some point…or at least I know I am.  Robinson’s quite possibly our best living writer…I can’t stress that enough.  I don’t know how she isn’t all over everyone’s “must-read” list, even if she doesn’t have a new book out.  She does one of my favorite things…she assumes an intelligence in her readers.  She references things without explaining them, assuming you know something about your own culture (this is where her work might be difficult for the non-Christian).  I like when the author doesn’t spoon-feed me.  So…anyway…excellent read and I’d highly recommend it—but you HAVE to read “Gilead” for any of it to make sense.
  8. I think I either cut my gums or broke a tooth while eating.  Actually, I don’t think it hurts quite as much as a broken tooth…I’m basically able to function and one Advil seems to take care of any of the major pains.  But it’s an irritant…and speaking as a guy who had an (albeit undiagnosed) abscess back in June, I’m just paranoid now.  I’m sure I’ll get through it soon.  It’s not that bad.  Just wanted to mention it, in case it gets worse, ha ha.
  9. “LOST” comes back on TONIGHT!  And where will I be?  At band practice!  Yeah!!!  At least DVR’s a thing…
  10. I’ve bought a lot of bits-and-pieces (not an intentional reference to Jonco’s blog…but whatever) for my guitars lately.  Just little stuff like cables, straps, strap-locks, etc…  It’s kinda sad, but when I buy stuff like that, I get almost as excited as I do when I buy a new guitar!  🙂
  11. I’m kind of behind at work.  That’s a bummer.  I like my job a lot, so it’s really frustrating to not be doing it as well as I’d like to be.  Actually, that’s not fair…I’m still doing it WELL…there’s just a high-volume right now.  Has been since the holidays, and it’s just caught up with me BIG TIME in the new year.  I’ll sort it out.  I’m motivated to do well (my bosses are good about motivation, I think) so sooner or later I’ll do VERY well and get out of the back-log.  It’s just taking me longer than I thought it would.  Maybe it’ll be this week.  Hmm…  Optimism…  That’s new…
  12. Just found out that WordPress “.com” doesn’t allow you to import new blog templates, but WordPress “.org” does.  That sucks.  Blogspot/Blogger (which I consider by-and-large to be an inferior host) allows you to import whatever you want, no matter what your domain ends with.  That’s a shame.  So, instead of upgrading to an awesome template I found, I guess we’re staying with this theme—which just about EVERYONE on WordPress uses.  But I do like it.  I shouldn’t complain.  I was just excited that I might use the newer one I was looking at.
  13. My cousin Sammy (Samantha) is 16.  That’s nuts.  Her party is this weekend, and I’m going to that…so there ya’ go…
  14. I’ve just sneezed like 8 times.  A God-bless-you would be appreciated.
  15. I need a good travel-mug.  I recently got one for free, but it sucks.


…and being that I’m now so short on things to say that I’m talking about travel mugs, I’m going to stop now.