Abandoned Art

Following is a piece of art I’d designed for Blue Tattoo that was eventually rejected.  I like it though, and I may still force the others to use it, or take the name off the door and use it myself.  There was going to be a background, but there was a very vocal opposition to doing something cartoony (that I really wish I hadn’t listened to in hindsight)…so I never finished it.  Anyhow…here you go.  Thought this might be fun to share.


You can click on it to make it bigger.


In case you’re wondering, I started out by drawing it by hand, then scanned it in to the computer and did some addition of weight to the lines…colouring…etc…  I like it…but like so many other things, I listened to the voice of others and let it go—my fault, really…I too often cave under criticism.


Maybe a future Derek Brink album image?


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