First Robertson, then Limbaugh, then Sponge… Ball’s in your court, TNA…

This post will seem kind of disjointed, but hang in there…it all comes together.


If you’re not aware of who Bubba the Love Sponge is, you’re not alone. He’s a Tampa-based radio “shock jock” (re: failure). Basically, he’s Howard Stern, but with less talent and not as funny (and that’s coming from someone who HATES Howard Stern). He was also recently hired as a backstage announcer for TNA Wrestling.


People that know me know that I love wrestling. It’s totally lame, I know. (And no, I DON’T think it’s real!) It’s become almost embarrassing to admit that you’re a wrestling fan anymore, especially since the WWE became pretty much the only game in town. Fortunately, we who don’t care for Vince McMahon’s antics have had an alternative for the past 7-8 years in TNA. Crappy federation name aside, they’ve got some really talented wrestlers, and when they’re allowed to shine, they’re capable of producing GOLD.


Unfortunately, they’ve tarnished that gold by hiring Bubba the Love Sponge. His real name, by the way, is Todd Alan Clem. Just thought it might be worth knowing that you’re getting your morning shock-jockery from a guy named Todd Alan Clem.


When the earth shook in Haiti, most of us were shocked and filled with sympathy. I’ve posted before about how I’ve got some very deep ties to Haiti through various mission-groups I’ve been proud to stand behind in the past decade or so…so I’m not going to rehash that. Instead, I’m just going to post what Todd Alan Clem posted on his Twitter page.


Shortly after the earthquake, Clem wrote, “I say fuck Haiti. Why do we have to take care of everybody our country is in shambles. Bubba,” [sic]


He, of course, was blasted by readers, which led to him referring to his detractors as, “Douche Nozzles.” [sic]


If that weren’t bad enough, Todd then went on his radio show to defend his Twitting (and “Twit” seems a very appropriate word here). Todd Alan Clem (and I keep using his real name because only a coward would say such things and hide behind a stage name) stated the following on his show. “You know what, maybe this is actually a good thing. Here’s the thing, we would all agree that Haiti is just in shambles, it’s just a horrible country, it’s just dirt, it’s poverty stricken, they need a cleansing, maybe a half a million Haitians that will end up not being around tomorrow…It’s a cleanse,” [sic, sic, SICK!]


Clem would later issue something of an apology “Tweet,” writing, “Sometimes u say things that u can’t take back. So I’m man enough now to say I’m sorry for those I offended. Bubba.” Which, on the surface, seems like a nice piece of damage control…but you’ll notice that he does not apologize for the actual comments and in saying that he “can’t take back” his words, in my opinion, he seems to be indicating that he doesn’t WANT to take them back. He just wants his fans to listen again and stop sending death-threats to the station. (I don’t know that people have been doing that…but one can assume…)


Todd Alan Clem was apparently assaulted by a wrestler backstage at a TNA event after all of this happened…he was sent home for the week, but he has not been fired. Of the incident, he said, “some people can’t handle the truth.” Later, also on his Stern-rip-off show, he spoke with Hulk Hogan, who claimed that the (female, no less) wrestler who attacked Clem was having “menstrual issues.” Nice, Hulk.  (The woman who attacked Clem—known as “Awesome Kong”—has since given her resignation notice to the company.  Good for her—she’s 1/2 of the tag-champs in the women’s division, by the way.)


I’ve loved wrestling for pretty much all of my life. I’ve supported TNA pretty much since it started. But—and this is a BIG commitment, coming from me—I will not watch TNA again until Todd Alan Clem is fired. His hate, racism, and near Gestapo-esque deadness of soul is not welcome in my home, and neither is the product of any company that knowingly employs him, half-assed apology or no half-assed apology.  I encourage all wrestling fans to follow in this pattern.


So…to sum it up…in this case Vince McMahon is the lesser of two evils.  Think about that for a while.  Boo, TNA.  Booooo.


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