Here’s stuff that’s been happening.


  1. Hoping to re-finish up my work on the Blue Tattoo record this weekend and have tester-mixes to the guys on Tuesday night.
  2. We’re employing an outside artist for the Blue Tattoo record cover.  He sent us a rough conceptual drawing that we all like.  In fact, I’d be just as happy to use the sketch for the cover…but that’s me.  I’d designed something myself, as well…but maybe that’s meant for the solo career or as a BT poster or something…this guy’s work is good so far, so hopefully it’ll keep being as good as the first drawing.  (Maybe I’ll post the thing I did here sometime and you can tell me if it sucked or was awesome or whatever…)
  3. Almost done with the Feldman record.  Just have to make a couple more small, micro-fixes and we’re good.  We’re at the fine-toothed-comb stage now…  Mike’s comb has finer teeth than my own, so it’s taking a little longer than I expected, but we’re going to get a really good result out of it, so it’s good.  Plus, Mike’s been really positive about my work and been really good about expressing his gratitude for my time.  On the one hand, he’s paying me really well…but more than that, he’s been nice about it.  Money’s great…but it’s amazing how far, “Hey, man, thanks for doing that.  I know you worked hard.” goes with me.  It’s been a good project, and I think it’s a good representation of what I’m capable of doing as an engineer/producer for someone else’s project.  It’s easy to accomplish your own goals with your own music, but it’s a lot harder to produce something that is unlike what you normally do that meets the desires of the client.  I feel pretty good about this one, and from everything Mike’s said to me, so does he…so that’s cool.
  4. I have discovered that it is possible for me to work from home…so I have.  It’s kind of cool…but the day goes a lot slower when you don’t have the other people in the office to talk to about the stuff you normally talk about.  But, I think I might work a little faster when I work alone…so it’s kind of a Catch 22…  Either way, with the snow today, it was a good option, even if it does kinda take over my laptop in a slightly “1984” way.  🙂
  5. The other night at band practice, I didn’t use an effect board at all.  I just plugged directly into my amp and played direct…and my sound was pretty much the same.  In fact, until I mentioned it, no one noticed that I wasn’t using it.  So…why’d I spend hundreds—maybe thousands?—of dollars building my board?!?  Only thing I really missed was my delay pedal.  Sheesh…  Maybe it’s time to condense…but I’ve spent so damn long expanding!
  6. I don’t think I mentioned that I’d finished “Gilead” by Marilynne Robinson.  I remember saying that I’d been reading it, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it since.  It was really good.  I’d recommend everyone who calls themselves “Christian” read it…and I’d also recommend it to people who don’t.  It’s not really ABOUT religion, but it’s in there…it’s a letter from a dying pastor to his child.  Really deep stuff.  Took me ages to get through it because I read it from a largely theological background, so I had to weigh out some of the stuff I was reading…but it was worth it, and it made me rush out and buy her previous novel (“Housekeeping”) and her newest one (“Home”).  The former, I’m about 75% of the way through, and it’s okay, but not as impacting as “Gilead.”  The latter, I will start at a later date.  …but yeah, check her out, if you think of it.  She’s got a really unique voice and writes with passion and abandon, but with a clear sense of what she wants to express, as well.
  7. Tomorrow is Friday (TODAY, in fact, since it’s like 2:30 in the morning!).  Been a long, weird week and I’m kind of glad to see it go.  Hoping to get some GOOD rest this weekend, amongst the guitar tracks.
  8. I’ve been sitting on this piece of information…but I think it’s time to unveil it…  We (Larry, Tara, and me) are designing our own energy drink.  It’s made from vanilla ice cream, oranges, pickles, and salt.  It’s called Laser.  Tag line: “Yeah it tastes like crap, but don’t let me catch you drinking anything else.”  Laser.  It’s gonna be a thing.
  9. Good God, I want a steak.
  10. Ever think about just getting in your car and driving?  Just going and going and going with no real destination, and where-ever you sleep that night shall be called home?  Ever think about doing that?  Yeah…me neither.
  11. I made an iPod playlist of my list of the top 10 records of 2009 and put it on shuffle.  That’s a weird, weird mix I’ve been rocking…


That’s all I can think of…most of the other stuff I want to write about is either political, griping about how the streets around where I live are in piss-poor shape after the snow, or just general “crazy-letters to the editor” type-stuff.  …and I just don’t have the energy.  🙂


Stay warm.  Or not.  Whatever.  Your call…but don’t come crying to me.  I told you to stay warm.


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