Let’s Do This…

I’m going to do a random post, just as a catch-all for things that’ve been happening over the holidays and the days before and after…  Let’s go…

  1. Work’s been pretty good.  Things have slowed down a little this week (I think people don’t realize that they can report a claim over the holidays or something).  Today, my computer slowed down, too…so I didn’t get as far ahead as I was hoping, with our decreased volume, but I’m still in good shape for tomorrow and shouldn’t have too much to worry about after New Year’s…
  2. The Blue Tattoo record is very, very nearly finished.  I’m polishing up my last few vocal tracks (and maybe re-doing some guitar work I’m not 100% happy with) this week, and hopefully should hand a tester-mix to the guys on Tuesday night.
  3. The Blue Tattoo record cover is in flux.  I’m not sure if we’re going with something I drew or with a guy Johnny knows.  I took a look at some of Johnny’s guy’s work, and he’s good…so I wouldn’t worry about it.  We just need to have a band pow-wow and fully decide which way the art’s going.  At that point, we’ll be pretty close to finally having this thing DONE.
  4. Been working pretty hard on the Feldman record as well.  I have just a couple of small fixes to complete and we’ll be done.  Should do my final tidy-up on it tomorrow night.
  5. By the way…  Happy New Year, I guess…  I don’t particularly celebrate it myself.  I usually try to ignore New Year’s Eve, in fact…but I know it’s a big deal to a lot of you…so enjoy Amateur Hour, and try to stay safe.  🙂
  6. Stuff I got for Christmas:
    • Complete Monty Python series (Wow!  Didn’t think anyone would do that!  Thanks, Dave!)
    • The three (major) Python movies (Also pretty cool!  Thanks, Dad!)
    • The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (20th Anniversary Edition)
    • Beatles – “Let it Be” (Remaster)
    • Mastodon – “Crack The Skye”
    • Tom Waits – “Glitter and Doom” (The “Tom-Tales” disk is awesome, btw!)
    • Final Crisis
    • Batman – “Battle for the Cowl”
    • Couple of shirts that I really like.
    • Couple of gift cards.
    • Leonard Cohen’s “The Book of Longing”
    • Kurt Vonnegut’s “Look at the Birdie” (Which is AWESOME and make me really miss the grumpy old bastard.)
    • Pearl Jam – “Backspacer”
    • A decent Merlot (which is really saying something from a guy who only kind of tolerates Merlot…but this one was pretty good!)
    • A gift card to a wine bar, which I hope to visit soon.
    • A $50 Visa gift card from my bosses—which was really nice.
    • …and Grandma also gave me some really awesome chocolates.
    • I think I missed something…sorry whoever gave me whatever I forgot.  I’ll try to remember and post it later.  In all, really good gifts this year, and I’m pretty happy with what I gave everyone, too.  Thanks everybody!  …plus, I had a really interesting conversation about wine with a guy who both looked and sounded like Fat Albert when I was trying to find a wine to go with Christmas dinner…so that’s cool.
  7. In case you’re keeping track…no…I STILL haven’t caught that mouse that has been spotted in my basement!  Haven’t SEEN it again, either…but it’s still kind of disturbing…  Possibly not a mouse?  Yikes…
  8. I’ve been pretty tired lately.  Not sure what the deal is…naps haven’t helped and neither has actual sleep.  And by the way, yes, I DO try to nap, but my insomnia is of the type that even THAT is often difficult to accomplish.  People probably think I take 3 hour naps…but a lot of that’s just lying down.  One of these days, I should probably see a sleep specialist, but they’re just going to give me pills…and I don’t want to take pills.  That shit killed Heath Ledger.
  9. My brother and Valerie (y’know…his wife…not just some random lady named Valerie…) found out the genders of the twins today.  They’re going to be a boy and a girl.  Not going to lie…I was kind of hoping for two boys, so they could be named Bo and Luke (after the Duke boys)…but I guess I’ll have to settle for Daisy and Uncle Jesse.  🙂  (Alternatives – Peaches and Herb, Captain and Tennille, Rebecca Romijn and Stamos—one named after Rebecca Romijn and one named after Rebecca Romijn Stamos, and George and Tammy.  …and now I’ll stop, because this is bound to piss off Dave and/or Valerie eventually.)  🙂
  10. Splunge
  11. It’s snowed twice in St. Louis recently.  Neither stayed with us very long…but today’s did make me late for work.  So, well done, nature.  (I like snow, actually…don’t know what it is–but usually, when it snows, something good and significant happens in my life…and I usually don’t really have to LOOK for it to figure out what it is…)
  12. One of my bosses might have pneumonia.  He still came in to work, though…  Which makes him like WAY more devoted than I am…to anything…  Like, if I felt as bad as he seems to, and the most awesome thing imaginable were happening in the morning…I’d miss the most awesome thing in the world.  So, good-on-ya, Kris.


That’s it…I’m going to try to sleep…which is usually impossible…so wish me luck.  And, again, Happy New Year.

EDIT: …and Rest in Peace, Steve “Dr. Death” Williams.  Thanks for the memories and for proving that not all wrestlers die of drug over-doses.  Some of them die as heroes.  (He had been fighting cancer.)

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