Just for the Sake of it…

I haven’t blogged since Christmas.  Super-sorry.  Been busy and restless…not a great combination for blogging, I’ve found after some personal experimentation.  I’m mostly just writing now because I feel like I should write something.


I’ve been tired lately, and I’m looking forward to New Year’s Day to catch up on some sleep.  That’ll be great.


…and I should probably remind y’all that the downloads at my website are still up for a little bit.  Should be coming down at the end of this week, to soon be replaced by something I think you’ll all find interesting.  So grab ’em now, if you haven’t grabbed ’em yet.  Once they’re gone, they’re GONE.


I’ll write more later, including a Christmas wrap-up and some Blue Tattoo news…probably talk about the Feldman record I’ve been working on, too…we’ll see how it goes.  That’ll probably be tomorrow night.  So, look for that.


For now, I’m going to bed.  Sorry this post sucked.