Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  Thanks for making the blog part of Jesus’ birthday.  🙂


In celebration of the holiday, I’d like to present a link to my new favorite Christmas song.  It’s by Eric Idle (Monty Python).  It’s…well, it’s pretty offensive, and some of you probably shouldn’t download it…  But if you like to laugh at absolute irreverence, this is the song for you.  Please notice that I’m linking to this via, which you should probably visit sometime (it’s got a pretty impressive stash of stuff, though I don’t think it’s Eric’s “official” page).  I just want to be absolutely clear in stating that I do not own this download—it is being linked directly from them, and is not my own upload—for all due legal and ethical purposes.


Anyway…with no further ado, and all apologies in advance…


“F**k Christmas” (mp3 format, uncensored)


…but seriously…Merry Christmas.  Hope Santa’s real good to you.   Even if you’ve been bad all year.

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