Best Spam Ever

I get spammed a lot on this blog.  Usually it’s someone wanting to sell something—usually something lewd—or promote their own (usually for-profit) website or blog.  They try to leave spam in the comments of pages and/or posts.  99 out of 100 times my spam filter blocks it.  I’ll usually quickly survey the offenders to make sure nothing good got caught up in the filter by accident.  Today, I got some of the best spam I’ve ever gotten, because not only do I have no idea what they were trying to communicate, it doesn’t even have a link or web-address to send people to what-ever they were pimping in the first place.


Here’s what they wrote (and no, it’s not find-able elsewhere on the blog…I deleted it.):


What’s up everyone, I’m new to the forum and justified wanted to approximately hey. hi love manipulate to recollect new pepole and slice things with them

father a glad year


Now…I’m not sure what  “slice things with them” was doing in there…but I’m pretty sure that what-ever they’re selling, I’d have bought it if they’d left a link.  Oh well.  Can’t win ’em all.


Father a glad year, everyone.  Father a glad year!


EDIT: (Also, on a sadder note…  Rest in peace, Brittany Murphy.)