Non-Religious Religion

Here’s the playlist I mentioned in my last post.  It’s a pretty random thing.  There’s definitely more I could have used, but I wanted to keep it all kind of on a similar musical vibe and I limited myself to 15 tracks.  The theme is secular bands talking about religion.  No Christian acts allowed…just bands/artists who don’t define themselves as Christian who address spirituality.  The other thing about it is that I wanted the songs to have an INFORMED opinion.  Couldn’t just be “religion is dumb, lalalala…” or “God is great doodoodoo.”  There had to be some depth there.  And—most importantly—there had to be SOMETHING in there that I agree with, even if it’s something small.


So here we go…15 secular songs about God…  (And for the record, most of the time I’ve had this on “shuffle,” so it’s not necessarily best in this order.)


  1. “Sympathy for the Devil” – Rolling Stones (obvious choice, I know)
  2. “The Righteous Path” – Drive-By Truckers
  3. “Real Good Looking Boy” – The Who
  4. “Under the God” – Tin Machine (David Bowie)
  5. “Intervention” – Arcade Fire
  6. “Anthem” – Leonard Cohen
  7. “Salvation on Sand Hill” – Sammy Hagar
  8. “Thumbing My Way” – Pearl Jam
  9. “Jesus Gonna Be Here” – Tom Waits
  10. “I’ll Fight” – Wilco
  11. “Monkey Gone to Heaven” – Pixies (okay…this one’s kind of silly and is on here just for fun…)
  12. “Overcome” – Live
  13. “I Believe (When I Fall in Love it will be Forever)” – Stevie Wonder
  14. “Manitoba” – Frank Black
  15. “Devil’s Road” – Headstones


EDIT: Yes, I am aware of the exclusion of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.”  Already had one cliché on there in “Sympathy…”  But more than that…whose version of “Heaven’s Door” would I use?  One of the myriad of Clapton versions?  Guns ‘n’ Roses?  Warren Zevon?  Tough choice…so I left it off completely.


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