Re-Watching the Watchmen…



I recently purchased for myself the “Ultimate Cut” of the Watchmen movie.  It’s awesome.


However…because I was bored, I browsed over to the Watchmen Wiki.  As we all know, (or maybe not if you’ve never read/seen it…so spoiler alert), the Comedian is stated to be Laurie (“Silk Spectre II”) Juspeczyk’s father.  Clicking around the Wiki, I found the timeline of events in the story and found something a little unsettling…  Here’s how the Wiki lists it (emphasis added)…


Jon Osterman enrolls at Princeton University.
Comedian has another encounter with Sally Jupiter.


The Minutemen disband.


Laurie Juspeczyk is born.


Am I the only one that notices that there are significantly more than 9 months between Laurie’s supposed conception and her birth?  If the wiki is right about the dates, then it’s impossible for the Comedian to have been her father, and therefore pretty much the entire final act of the story is unmotivated.  If the Comedian is not her father, then Manhattan should find no reason to return, Rorschach should live and blow the whistle on Veidt, World War III should happen…and so on…  (Or, if they’re right, then Sally Jupiter should get a medal for carrying a baby for over a year…your call…)


I know the dates probably aren’t too specific, and beyond reading that one page, I haven’t poured over the whole of the story looking for answers—mostly because my brother still has my copy of the comic…but if someone(s) cares enough to post something on a Wiki, they’ve probably done their homework—or certainly, another fanboy would’ve caught them out by now, right?  These are people who have nothing better to do than think about the Watchmen story…and they’ve pretty much proved that there’s no way that the Comedian could be Laurie’s dad.


Am I really the only one to notice this in the past 25 years?  It’s kind of a big deal…


Can anyone disprove me?  Please?

2 thoughts on “Re-Watching the Watchmen…”

  1. In my view, there has to be some kind of error in the timeline they posted. The graphic novel and the movie both seem to make it pretty obvious that the Comedian is Sally’s Father, don’t you think?

    On another note, sort of related… last year you taught on graphic novels for my Intro to the Arts class. I really liked what you did, but this year I ran out of time and couldn’t include it. It was listed in the syllabus but instead am taking a “big picture” approach with the church and the arts on the last class. Also, I thought with your new job I assumed it would be harder to take time from the middle of the day. Maybe a bad assumption on my part, should have asked, but that’s why I didn’t include that topic this time around. (Just in case you were wondering, which you probably weren’t.)

  2. Yeah, I’m thinking they’re wrong about the date of the “encounter.” They almost HAVE to be right about Laurie’s birthday (her birthday is mentioned once or twice elsewhere in the story), but I’m not sure a definite date is given on the Comedian and Sally’s other “meeting.” Ahem… Still…kind of unsettling for a fanboy to read the work of other fanboys and find something like that, lol!

    And thanks for mentioning about the class. I did think of it a while ago and meant to ask you about it, but then I forgot about it pretty soon afterward, lol. For future reference, I can get a day off here and there—which actually is good news, to me!—or I can work remotely later in the day, probably. So in future semesters, if you want to set something up, it should be do-able. No worries about this year, with everything being new and weird…but, yeah, keep me in mind for the future. I’d love to do something like that again!

    Hope your semester went well and that you’re going to get to put your feet up over the break!

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