Just So You Know — FREE STUFF! :)

Just so you know, I’ve uploaded three FREE tracks over at my website.  click over to www.derekbrink.com and check them out.  They’ll only be available through about Christmas or New Year’s, depending on when I remember to pull them down…  So act fast!


I’ll give you a short summary of them…  They’re all kind of along a similar theme—kind of a mini-concept piece with no real concept.  The one called “Sweet November” is about falling in love when you’re over the age of 30.  (A “May-December” romance refers to a couple where one of the two is much older than the other.  The older one is said to be in “the December” of their life…well, speaking as a roughly 30-year-old guy, I’d say there’s not anything wrong with being in your November and still looking.)  “Sad & Sweet” is more or less about someone from my life.  I think it kind of speaks for itself…but it’s basically a love song.  “You and Your Perfect Life” is about drifting apart from someone you love, watching them fall in love with someone else, and watching them live out a nice little lifetime.


 Also, I played everything on them.  There’s guitar, bass, DRUMS, and vocals…so, yeah…apparently I play the drums now.  🙂


Hope you like them.


And Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends!

Re-Watching the Watchmen…



I recently purchased for myself the “Ultimate Cut” of the Watchmen movie.  It’s awesome.


However…because I was bored, I browsed over to the Watchmen Wiki.  As we all know, (or maybe not if you’ve never read/seen it…so spoiler alert), the Comedian is stated to be Laurie (“Silk Spectre II”) Juspeczyk’s father.  Clicking around the Wiki, I found the timeline of events in the story and found something a little unsettling…  Here’s how the Wiki lists it (emphasis added)…


Jon Osterman enrolls at Princeton University.
Comedian has another encounter with Sally Jupiter.


The Minutemen disband.


Laurie Juspeczyk is born.


Am I the only one that notices that there are significantly more than 9 months between Laurie’s supposed conception and her birth?  If the wiki is right about the dates, then it’s impossible for the Comedian to have been her father, and therefore pretty much the entire final act of the story is unmotivated.  If the Comedian is not her father, then Manhattan should find no reason to return, Rorschach should live and blow the whistle on Veidt, World War III should happen…and so on…  (Or, if they’re right, then Sally Jupiter should get a medal for carrying a baby for over a year…your call…)


I know the dates probably aren’t too specific, and beyond reading that one page, I haven’t poured over the whole of the story looking for answers—mostly because my brother still has my copy of the comic…but if someone(s) cares enough to post something on a Wiki, they’ve probably done their homework—or certainly, another fanboy would’ve caught them out by now, right?  These are people who have nothing better to do than think about the Watchmen story…and they’ve pretty much proved that there’s no way that the Comedian could be Laurie’s dad.


Am I really the only one to notice this in the past 25 years?  It’s kind of a big deal…


Can anyone disprove me?  Please?