It’s Getting Mixed Up

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I mentioned that I’m working on the new Feldman record in previous posts…now I’m going to go into slightly more detail, for those who might be interested in how this works.


The biggest plus is that those guys turned in some really great, clean performances.  They came in ready to record, having worked out most of the details well in advance.  Lesson to bands who want to do a demo or CD—THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT.  It makes the engineer’s job a lot easier and your day run a lot more quickly and smoothly.  There’s another band I’ve been working with on and off for MONTHS (has it been over a YEAR???  Yikes!) that has done five sessions and still feels that they have pretty much nothing they can use (apparently—I disagree and think they’re wasting WAY too much time on the scratch tracks).  Unlike those other guys (and a lot of other people), Feldman runs a tight-ship, and in the studio that really pays off.


So…the actual recording has been pretty easy.  We did about 10 hours on Saturday and 5 on Sunday.  The bass and drums were complete on the first day, as were most of the guitar parts.  The second day, we finished up the guitars and started vocals.  Tomorrow (actually today, but I’m going to bed in a minute, so it’ll be “tomorrow” for me) we will finish vocals.  Sunday, we’ll do keys.  Monday, we’ll finish up the background vocals.  Then it’s all in my hands.


The thing is, I’ve been working as we’ve been going.  I’ve been pre-mixing—which basically means I’m doing a rough work-up of what the volume-levels of each instrument should be, what fixes need to be made, etc, etc…  I’ve already put in about 10 hours on that (I’ve been noting it, part for my own records, but also to give Mike some proof that I did something, ha ha).  I’ve cleaned up all of the splices we’ve made so far.  I’ve started trimming some of the dead-space and pops-and-clicks that you don’t want in there.  I’ve started figuring out what compressors and EQs I’m going to want to use.  I’m already pretty far ahead of the game on this one.  (And yes, I’ve been backing up my files, too!)


Mike’s hoping to hear a final mix by the middle of January.  I’m hoping to have one to him just in time for Christmas.  We’ll see if that works out.  I don’t see why not.  I’m going to have everything recorded by Monday evening…no reason I shouldn’t be able to satisfactorily mix it in the remaining 15 days if I can keep up this pace, right?  Hoping to surprize him on this one.


…now, if I could just get that caught up on my actual JOB, that’d be great, ha ha.  I’m behind at work because of the holiday.  We all are, I think.  I don’t feel like I’m doing too badly, all things considered…but it is kind of frustrating to see the same number of unread e-mails when you leave as when you arrived.  Actually, that’s kind of good, because that means that I was making progress and that as the new stuff was coming in, it was just breaking even numerically…but still…kind of a bummer, since I usually am doing a little better than that.  You’ve got to learn to trick your brain into believing you’re actually about on task in that situation.  🙂  I should be able to catch up by the end of the week…it’s just kind of heavy work right now.  That’s cool though.  When I’m busy, that means the company’s doing well.  So I’ll NEVER complain about having more work to do!  That’s our bread-and-butter, and fortunately there’s absolutely NO busy-work involved with my job.  It’s all important…so that’s pretty cool, too.


So…ahead on the MFG record…a little behind on the e-mails, but not tragically…and Blue Tattoo should be finishing up our record (“Wrecked”) soon, too…plus, Christmas is just a couple of weeks away!  All in all…no real complaints.


Current Listening:

  • The Headstones — An awesome punk band from Canada who aren’t really working anymore.  (Though the lead singer did start up the almost equally awesome “Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir” a few years ago.)