Busy Week V

Okay, so Thanksgiving has come and gone—and, no I didn’t go shopping this morning.  In fact, I got out of bed at about 2:00 this afternoon, thankyouverymuch.


Thanksgiving was pretty good.  They asked me to do the blessing again this year, which is kind of nice.  I think I mentioned that last year, too…that was a task that usually fell to one of the “grown-ups” in the family for YEARS when I was a kid, and more recently was the job of my cousin Terry (a Baptist minister, and friend of the blog).  Terry hasn’t been there the past two years, so I’ve been handed the torch.  I’d assume that if he’s there next year, he’ll be doing it.  Last year, his wife was about to have a baby and this year…actually I’m not sure why he wasn’t there this year.  Forgot to ask.  Assuming that since he was just in Arkansas last month, they probably didn’t want to make a 10 hour drive (again) this month.  Anyway…I did the prayer, and that’s one of those cool things that kind of makes me feel like Im IN the family now, and actually considered one of the “grown-ups,” ha ha. 


The food was good.  Someone finally made bread that was pretty much identical to my Great-Aunt Clara’s bread.  I don’t think it was Clara herself, but it’s the closest I’ve had to it in YEARS.  The turkey was good,  The mashed potatoes were good.  The chocolate pie was good.  I just couldn’t eat enough of it all…filled up quickly and was kind of bummed out that I couldn’t shovel more in.  (And, of course, I’m VERY hungry right now, with no appealing food on hand…so I’ll be hitting a drive-thru before too long.)


My Aunt Stella (who’d undergone a stroke I wrote about here in May or June—I forget when exactly) was there and looked pretty good.  She was using a walker, but often got up without it and started moving around, leading several family members to wag their fingers and remind her to use it.  (The fact that she doesn’t want to and thinks we’re all making too big a deal of it is a pretty good sign, if you ask me.)  Aunt Deet was there too.  She’s had Parkinson’s and a bunch of other health problems for years.  She didn’t look as good as Stella, but to be fair, she’s also 10 years older.  I tried talking to Deet for a while, but couldn’t really hear her, and she was a little incoherent, sadly…but still, it was nice that she was there.


Also got to catch up with the younger relatives in Pam, Duke, Mitch, Drew…etcetcetc…  Good to see everyone, and always fun to catch up.


Nodded off on the drive home because Dave’s iPod playlist had a bunch of songs I didn’t know on it and there was nothing to keep me awake as a result.  Snored so loud I woke myself up.  embarrassing.  Then, when we got home, we capped off the night by getting McDonald’s…which is either kind of depressing since we only had fast-food as an option, or is a perfect representation of American culture, depending on how you look at it.  Either way, I now have my FOURTH collectible Coca-Cola glass (free with purchase of a large value meal, for a limited time only!), as a result.  For some reason, I’ve been ALL OVER that promotion since hearing about it.  I got all four this week…and I’m not buying them separately…I’ve gotten FOUR large value meals from McDonald’s this week.  Probably not the best idea, health-wise…but…free glasses!


So that was yesterday.  Today is the kind of lighter day of the busy week…but I still plan on doing some work around the house today, hopefully getting some sound-protection-stuff up in my basement…or at the VERY least just cleaning up a little so it’s not totally embarrassing when Feldman and his band come over tomorrow.  Wish me luck.  I’ve got a lot of crap down there.  (Fortunately, still no sign of that possible mouse—or worse—that Dave thinks he saw.)


Current Listening:

  • Wilco – “Wilco (the album)” — This will be in my top 3 of the year…those 3 spaces keep switching around though.  In a week or two, I’ll post the full list, and hopefully have set into stone which one gets first-place.