Busy Week IV

Long one today, too.


Work wasn’t too stressful or anything.  I was just sleepy.  I learned how to do claims today (or at least how to set them up…I still don’t know how to do dispatching).  It wasn’t as hard as I imagined it being (not that it was “easy” either, though).  Unfortunately, though, I didn’t seem to really be needed on that today.  It was a LOT lighter today.  I should’ve listened to my manager three weeks ago when she said I should learn that so I could’ve been helpful yesterday.  Oh well…I’m ready for next time, anyway.  (And, to be fair, my job’s been pretty busy and I haven’t had the TIME to learn that until this week, when I just happened to get a little bit ahead yesterday while everyone else was behind…funny how that worked out.)


I’m presently at Dave and Valerie’s place.  They’ve gone to bed, as have Tessa (the kid) and Jake (the dog).  Lemmy (the cat) is still wandering around, trying to figure out what I’m doing here.  I’m about to watch Star Trek, then I’ll probably try going to bed.  I’m pretty exhausted after getting up super-early to open the office and working all day.  Then the long drive home and the long drive to Dave and Valerie’s…it’s been a big day.  Not really strenuous activity, but for some reason, driving a lot always takes it out of me.  Don’t know why…but if memory serves, Mom had that, too.


So…Thanksgiving in just about 10 hours!  My favorite holiday…some of my favorite food…some of my favorite family stories…this should be good.  Hopefully I’ll actually get to sleep this year (last year, insomnia kicked my ass and I stayed up all night).  Looking forward to it, no matter how tired I might get, though!  🙂


…now here’s hoping I get some rest on Friday and also get done what I need to at the house to prepare for recording Feldman on Saturday.  I’ll keep you posted.


Current Listening (in the car):

  • Drive-By Truckers.  (I like listening to DBT any time I’m going to see this half of the family for some reason…of course, it’s not like I need an excuse to listen to DBT!)


…oh, and on a side note…if you get a chance, go to YouTube and check out the Muppet version of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”