Busy Week II

One day into the week and I’m already behind.  Big shock, I know.  🙂


Went to work.  Things went well.  For the next two days, it’s just Larry and me in the office.  Larry and I get along quite well, so it should be fine.  It’ll probably be a little quiet though.  For some reason, when the two of us get to working alone, we tend to stop talking to one another and just focus on work.  Oh, we have our moments, sure…but by and large, I imagine the next two days being less chatty than usual.  Not a bad thing…just kind of what happens when there’s only two of you.


My acoustic panels DID arrive.  Didn’t get any of them hung up yet…but I did kind of start planning for it.  The thing is, now I need some cardboard for backing-material, since I’m not too keen on gluing these things right to the drywall.  I think that once I’ve got all the cardboard up, it’ll be a fairly quick job.  …need to find a caulking-gun for the glue, though…




Didn’t do any recording.  I was pretty wiped out after work, and my back hurt.  Took a nap instead.  Hoping things feel better in that respect tomorrow.


Hopefully I’ll get back on schedule for tomorrow and band practice will go off without a hitch.


Looking forward to the Feldman recording over the weekend, even though it’s going to be keeping me busy and waking me up kind of early on Sunday.  All told, though, it’s a pretty easy day’s work for me…so it should be good.  I always like engineering during a recording session.  It’s pretty much just pushing buttons.


We shall see, but we shall see…


Current Watching:

  • Jeeves and Wooster – The one where Wooster keeps bumping into the same black-face minstrels who’re playing “Lady of Spain” on banjos.  Which is just about as funny as it sounds…no matter how funny it sounds to you!  🙂

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