My Christmas List

Here’s my Christmas List for this year.  Dad, Dave, Valerie, and possibly Susan, if you ever read my blog…study up.  🙂


Stuff in red is stuff I really want (and/or am just shocked I don’t have yet).


  • Monty Python – Life of Brian
  • Monty Python  – Meaning of Life
  • Fierce Creatures
  • The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
  • Nuns on the Run
  • Splitting Heirs
  • Monty Python Series (Likely kinda pricey…but if it weren’t, this’d be red.)
  • Blackadder Remastered Series (It’s in a brown cover.  May be expensive, though.)
  • That new Star Trek movie, I guess…
  • Also still trying to round out the Simpsons collection.  I need Season 9 and onward.



  • Wilco
    • Sky Blue Sky
    • Kicking Television (Live in Chicago)
  • Tom Waits – Glitter and Doom Live
  • Beatles
    • Sgt. Pepper
    • Let it Be
    • White album
    • Let it Be…Naked
  • Mastodon – Crack the Skye
  • Pearl Jam – Backspacer (ONLY AVAILABLE AT TARGET)



  • Nick Hornby – An Education : The Screenplay, Fever Pitch
  • Leonard Cohen – Book of Longing (Might necessitate an Interwebs order.)
  • Kurt Vonnegut – “Look at the Birdie”
  • Chris Coake – We’re in Trouble
  • Nick Flynn – Another Bullshit Night in Suck City
  • Sarah Vowell – Assassination Vacation
  • George Saunders – The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil
  • Zadie Smith – On Beauty
  • Frank Portman – King Dork


(The following are graphic novels)

  • The Beats : A Graphic History – Harvey Pekar
  • Stitches: A Memoir – David Small
  • Final Crisis – Grant Morrison (et al) (DC Comics – this one should be easy to find.)
  • Batman: Battle for the Cowl – also Morrison, et al…also DC…also easy.



  • Gift cards are always welcome—particularly to Best Buy, Kohls, and Guitar Center.
  • Need some flannel shirts.  I’d recommend XL as a size.
  • Could use some thermal-type shirts in any colour but black or white…again in XL.
  • Money, also, is always welcomed.




A few additional notes for people who are wondering how it can possibly be that I’m missing so much Python, so much music, and what the deal is with that “I guess…” on the Star Trek thing…


  • The Python – I’ve just never bought it somehow.  Some of the shows are only so-so, and the GOOD ones have been pretty consistently aired on BBC America over the past few years…so I haven’t had the need.  But lately (past year-ish), I’ve been wanting to watch more Python, and I can never seem to find it on TV.  The lack of the movies is pretty shocking, though.  I mean, I freaking LOVE Life of Brian…but I’ve never owned it.  I don’t know why.  Trying to change that.
  • The music…
    • Re: Mastodon and Pearl Jam – I’ve been listening to them both online, and I’ve been enjoying them.  In fact, Mastodon’s “Crack the Skye” is EASILY in my Top 5 for 2009, if not my Top 3…but I just haven’t bought it in physical form…and I want the DISC, not the MP3s.
    • Re: The Tom Waits record…new live album…and I’m really disappointed that I’m making myself wait until Christmas or after to hear it…but that’ll just make it better…right?
    • The Beatles stuff.  I have every Beatles song ever recorded—including an ass-load of stuff you’d never WANT—thanks to the “Purple Chick” people (person?).  But, I would like to hear the new remasters.  “Let it Be” is particularly highlighted because it’s my favorite Beatles record.  I thought about just saying I’d like the Beatles remasters as a whole…but the last time I put something like “I don’t own any Beatles” on my Christmas List, I only got ONE CD, and it was “Magical Mystery Tour.”  Yikes.
  • The “I guess” on the Star Trek movie…  Okay.  I love Star Trek…which is exactly why I have my serious doubts about this movie, especially after reading about it from critics and armchair-critics (like myself) alike.  I just don’t trust it…and more than that, I don’t trust J. J. Abrams.  Okay, so LOST is awesome, and I enjoyed Cloverfield…but look at the rest of the guy’s career…  Alias?  Felicity?  Fringe?  And again, I have to say Felicity???  Guys done a lot of crap I just didn’t like.  (Fine if it’s your cup of tea…but it’s not mine.)  I just don’t trust him to handle something I love in the way it should be handled…I mean…the jackass inserted a Slusho! cup in the background of the movie!  His cross-breed-whoring alone might ruin it for me, even though most people say it’s “not even noticeable.”  (Also I don’t think we really NEED a prequel to Star Trek, since we got pretty much all of the history in the shows and REAL movies…but whatever.)  Still…enough of me wants to see it that I put it on my list…mostly because I know I’ll never buy it for myself.


…and that’s the “why” for anyone that was curious.  Which, I know…you weren’t.