Let’s Get RANDOM, Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Apologies for the post-title.  


Here’s some random stuff that’s up in my brain-box.


  1. I’ve got 9 new songs with nowhere to go.  No new upcoming Derek-record in the forecast.  None of it’s appropriate for Blue Tattoo.  Maybe it’ll hit the website…or maybe I’ll develop an alter-ego who does the kind of stuff I’ve been writing lately.  Whatever happens…there are at least a couple of them that I think have some real potential.  I’m just not sure where yet.
  2. I can’t believe I didn’t mention it on the blog…but my dad’s car caught on fire the other week.  He was at the mall when he saw smoke coming out from under the hood.  He opened the hood.  There were flames.  He then closed the hood and called 9-1-1.  Obvious total loss on that one.  He was almost stuck with the storage and salvage, but thankfully my job came in handy in real life (which—no offense to anyone—almost NEVER happened when I was a Librarian) and I was able to advise him to see if they’d trade him the salvage for the storage and call that even.  Still got stuck with the towing…but on a car from like 1996, $150 for not having to be stuck with selling the burned-up remains is a pretty good deal.  So thanks, work!  (Particular thanks to Larry, who knows that stuff and told me what to tell him.)
  3. Blue Tattoo should be able to FINALLY wrap at least the drums at our next session.  Full record details forthcoming.
  4. Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  That snuck up on me!  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (super-sorry, Jesus) and I’m looking forward to the good food and catching up with some of the family I don’t see too often.  But, yikes…I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving…which means it’s almost CHRISTMAS, too!  Double-yikes!
  5. Over my super-short Thanksgiving break (one of the bummers about no longer working in the education world is that you’ve got shorter breaks—if any—but that’s cool), I’ll be recording a new record for Mike Feldman.  Mike and I, as some of you know, go way back.  I’ve played bass on every record he’s done so far, but this time I’m just doing the engineering (though I’ll probably also sneak onto the record playing some harmonica and singing some back-up).  I haven’t been in his band for a little bit, and he’s using the new guy to play bass—which I’m totally cool with, since he’s an excellent player.  I’m kind of excited about this record.  Mike’s played me some of the songs on it, and they’re pretty good.  Mostly secular (if not totally), and I think Mike’s secular lyrics are way better than his Christian stuff, which I mean as a compliment.  (I think it’s actually harder to write a good secular lyric than to write a good Christian one.)  It’ll be cool to stretch my engineering-legs with a band that I know will be an easy day’s work in the record.  The mix will take some work…but I’ve been virtually guaranteed that we’ll only need ONE session for the majority of the recording…probably with a couple of “one-take” recordings, too.  So that’ll be cool…I’ve just got to get those acoustic panels up before then.
  6. Oh yeah…I’m buying acoustic panels.  I’ve needed to sound-proof that basement for years—especially since some uppity neighbor started calling the police on my band practices a while ago.  With what Mike’s paying me for the project, I’m making the place a little bit more air-tight.  It’s not quite as big a project as it sounds.  The hardest part is cleaning up enough to do it!  🙂
  7. As we speak (…or type…whatever…shut up…), I’m re-watching “The Fellowship of the Ring.”  Still an awesome movie.  I know it’s not even been 10 years, but it’s just nice to see that it holds up after multiple viewings, y’know?
  8. My Christmas list is done…I’ll probably post that here sooner or later.  I did that last year, I think…I remember it being fun.  So why not?
  9. My niece has chicken-pox.  I had that when I was in like second-grade…but I’m still going to avoid her for a bit—no offense, anyone…I’m just paranoid.  🙂  It’s a little known fact that you CAN get chicken pox twice (though it’s rare).  It’s also a little known fact that the same virus that causes the pox causes shingles in adults.  So, best not to risk it if you don’t have to, I say.  (Also, just in case it was a misdiagnosis and she’s actually got measles…I didn’t ever have that…so I REALLY don’t want to risk that one as an adult!)  No offense, Tessa (or Dave or Valerie, for that matter), but I’ll see you in a week.  🙂 
  10. I’m a big fan of the Venture Bros. (airing on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming).  It’s been super-good this season.  I miss the character of Brock, and I hope he’ll be back soon…but otherwise, it’s been excellent.  Last night’s episode was packed with David Bowie references (they even mentioned Tin Machine, and at one point a character modelled on Brian Eno showed up).  Sometimes, I think they’re writing just for me.
  11. A few weeks (months?) ago, I mentioned that I’d been reading Nick Hornby’s new book “Juliet, Naked.”  I don’t think I ever reviewed it, though.  In short, it’s a really long time later, and I’m finding myself still thinking about the characters and wishing there was more of them.  It’s quite possibly my new favorite not only Hornby novel, but novel in general.  You should probably buy a copy if you’re into the whole “what makes a musician tick” thing.  It takes a chapter or two to really get going, but it’s pure GOLD after that.  I finished it ages ago, and I still know the character names without having to look them up.  That’s only happened to me a couple of times before.  So, right on, Nick.  (I’ve thought about writing him a fan-letter, but when you start writing to an author, you get really judgmental of your own writing…it’s kind of a slippery slope…)


That’s all I can think of for tonight.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Maybe next time we’ll do the Christmas List thing…or maybe not.  We’ll see.


Current Listening:

  • Bowie, thanks to Jackson and Doc…  🙂