Soon to Come…

Just a quick FYI.


My website’s been in varying states of disrepair for a little while.  Most things are finally working again.  Still a few uploads to get everything up to speed, but for the most part, it’s once again functional.  That’s good.  But it gets better.


I’ve had a “downloads” link there for a long time.  For a donkey’s age (what?) it’s just had the commentaries to my first two records up there.  (The third is forthcoming.  Need to do some editing.)  That’s all well and good, and they’ll be staying there…but I’m going to be posting some more interesting stuff there, too (hopefully around Thanksgiving, or just after).  Soon–very soon–I’m going to start randomly posting FREE music there.  Whatever I post will be a temporary upload.  Maybe a week or two.  Maybe a little longer if I’m feeling either generous or lazy…  But suffice to say that once it goes up, you’ll only be able to get it while it lasts.


So…what kind of music will it be?  Good question.  Not sure yet.  Maybe it’ll be acoustic demos.  Maybe it’ll be something I dug out of my archive of old stuff I’ve never done anything with.  Maybe it’ll be stuff that’ll eventually end up on a proper record with either my solo-thing (which, by the way, I’m now officially referring to as “Derek and the Somebodies”) or Blue Tattoo.  Dunno.  I’ve got something in mind for the first one…but I’m not going to say anything incase I change my mind (or I re-listen to it and it sucks).  Whatever I end up doing, this just seemed a good use for my website.  Hopefully it’ll end up being as cool as I think it is…getting music into the hands of people for free is always good news in my mind.  Hopefully it’ll pay off in some way.


………shameless whoring in an attempt to increase my web traffic, you say?




Nothing’s up there yet.  I’ll let you know when something “goes live” or whatever the kids call it these days.  I’m just excited about the idea, so I’m chatting it up on the blog—which will hopefully force me to get off my ass and actually DO it!  🙂


Current Listening:

  • And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – “Century of Self” — I’ve been going round and round on this record.  When I first heard it, I thought it sucked.  Then later, I thought it was genius.  Later still, I thought it was boring.  At present, it’s in my top 3-5 of the year.  Go figure.