Whole Lotta Nothing

Sorry I haven’t blogged since the Cohen show.   Been a little run-down.  Had some minor stomach problems that seem to have at least mostly gone away now, and I’ve currently got a little bit of a sore throat and I’m tired.  (Plus, I have a weird, sensitive spot on my right arm, just above the elbow.  I probably just slept weird on that…but it’s distracting.)  So, yeah…I think I’ve got a cold or something.  Nothing disabling.  Just kind of makes waking up a bummer.  Then again, waking up ALWAYS sucks…so I guess this just makes waking up a little worse. 


So…what else is going on?  I’ve been doing some song-writing.  Nothing Blue-Tattoo-ish, though.  Mostly just moody, kind of ballady stuff.  (Why am I always at my most prolific as a writer when I’m sick and I can’t sing well enough to do any demos?)  I’m not even sure it’s stuff I’d release on a Derek Brink record.  Maybe an eventual free-download on my website or something.


…oh…and my website’s MOSTLY working again.  I had some weird errors, but things seem to be up and running the right way again.  I’ve got some other stuff that needs to be uploaded (text, downloads, etc), but at least now my e-mail links and whatnot are working, and the new record’s finally up for sale on the “Merch” page.  Don’t know WHY that took so long…but at least it’s working now.


Otherwise, there’s not been too much going on.  I’ve been working.  Blue Tattoo’s still plugging away on the record.  I sleep, I wake up, I go back to sleep…  Same old, same old…


…that’s not so bad.  At least I haven’t got much to complain about, outside of the cold—and by the way, I seem to have just started sneezing a little.


So…that’s what’s been keeping me busy since the Cohen show…pretty much nothing.  🙂


Current Listening:

  • The Pixies