I Assure You that I’m Not Stalking J. D. Salinger

So, I’m basically just waiting for J. D. Salinger to die.  Not because I don’t like him…but because I LOVE him.  (I know this sounds creepy-stalker, but I assure you I have no plans to go looking for Salinger.)


For those who don’t know who Salinger is, he wrote “The Catcher in the Rye” (among others).  He’s become a complete recluse and hasn’t published anything in decades.  The closest he’s come is signing legal orders to stop people from “misuse” [sic] of his work—often fans who just want to quote the guy and tell people why they think he’s important.  (As such, I won’t be directly quoting Salinger in this post or anywhere else in print…ever…)  By some accounts, he’s gone kind of crazy-grandpa.  By other accounts, he just doesn’t want to be bothered and sometimes is seen in whatever town he lives buying donuts and whatnot.  By still other accounts, he didn’t care for the pressure of celebrity and chose to withdraw and cease writing.  The truth is probably some combination.


There’s been a long-held theory that Salinger never stopped writing and has volumes and volumes of texts stashed away that we haven’t read.  I don’t know if that’s true.  In fact, I kind of doubt it…  But that rumor is why I’m waiting him out.  If it’s true, I can’t wait to read it.  If it’s not true…then double-bummer when he dies.


Just in case, I’ve never read “Raise High the Roofbeams, Carpenters.”  I know the plot (and the ending), but I’ve never read it—because I’m nuts—just so I know there’s always another Salinger book in my life, in case he never wrote again after his stint writing for The New Yorker


…no idea why I shared that with you…maybe it’s because I just found out that a “new” Vonnegut book was published, containing some of his unreleased work…so I’m hoping one day we’ll see some more Salinger.  Not sure.


Either way, I again stress that I don’t have any plans to stalk Salinger.  Wouldn’t even know where to look for him.


…and, for the record, I don’t actually WANT him to die…I just want to know if he’s written anything else, and the only way we’ll ever find out is if he dies.  It’s kind of a catch-22…


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