Just realized…

First of all…sorry ’bout not blogging over the weekend…not much of interest happened…


…but moving on…


I just realized that I don’t have a tape player anymore.  I’m working on a record with a friend, and he gave me a tape of the songs so I could make some notes and rehearse.  “Thanks, I’ll get right on this,” I said.  But then I got into the car and started driving home.


I slightly chuckled to myself that I don’t have a tape player in the car.  A few years ago, I’d have popped it right into the player and given it a listen on the ride home.  Not an option.  Only a CD player and an input for my iPod in there.  Then I got to thinking about it…and…I don’t have a tape player.  I THINK I might have an old 4-track somewhere that I accidentally stole from a friend…but the tape players I used to have either don’t work anymore or I can’t find the power-cords for them.


So how am I supposed to listen to this thing?  Does anyone even SELL tape players anymore?


…and how freaking SAD is it that the format died and we barely even noticed?  …probably about as sad as it was when Soupy Sales died and most of us thought, “Oh…didn’t know he was still alive.”


So, rest in peace, cassette tapes.  And Soupy Sales.

2 thoughts on “Just realized…”

  1. I have a CD & cassette player in my car. It’s a 2001. I liked tapes a lot and played some until they fell apart. I still have some of those sappy high school sweetheart mix tapes rolling around.

    It is sad that the format died so quietly with so little fanfare. I think that there are still die-hard vinyl fans hanging around, but you won’t likely see anyone bragging about their cassette collection. Well, except maybe me.

  2. I think there must be lots of people who still have cassette players, they still sell blank tapes at some Walgreens. I also hear that some of the indie/punk bands are recording to cassette in the last few years. And as we all know the recent revival of vinyl can be attributed to the fact that the indie community never let it go. So maybe tapes will come back from the dead too…Like ZOMBIES!

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