Some More Random Stuff

Let’s get right to it…y’all know the drill by now…

  1. I did some new demos for Blue Tattoo.  Threw on some snare drum (played with brushes), just for atmosphere.  I like it.  If Blue Tattoo doesn’t like these songs, I’m thinking of adding bass and putting them up on my website.  But I think they’ll dig this set of tunes.  I often hand them a set of demos thinking something like, “We’ll probably do tracks 1, 2, and 4, but not the rest…”  On this one, there aren’t any I think won’t fly.  I like the whole bunch.  We’ll see though.
  2. When I don’t blog for a day or two, it basically means that there’s not anything I think is blog-worthy.  That’s right…with all the boring and useless crap that MAKES the blog, there’s still stuff I think isn’t worth the trouble to write about.  Wrap your head around that for a while!
  3. Ended up in a part of the Central West End (St. Louis) yesterday, completely by accident with my friend/co-worker Larry.  Until that moment, I had never known that the actual CITY part of St. Louis had a Paul Mitchell and a Strawbs.  Larry called it “the douchy part of town,” based on the information available.  Judging by the dude who was walking out of the coffee house at the stoplight…he might not have been far off.
  4. Tonight, I couldn’t find anywhere to go that wouldn’t have involved watching one game or another.  It’s weird…even when St. Louis isn’t playing any major sports, we’re nuts for sports.  (To be fair, Mizzou was playing tonight…but that wasn’t one of the options.)  Just another disadvantage to having grown up as a music-nerd rather than a football-nerd.  (I was going to say “jock,” but let’s face it…after high school, if you didn’t play in college, yet it’s still the only thing you really have to talk about…you’re a football-NERD.)
  5. Someone offered me this thought that I think is worth sharing…  “You can outlive ANYTHING.”
  6. I just read on the Interwebs that the planned re-make of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” has been cancelled.  Thank God for small favors, right?
  7. Why is it that when you tell someone you’re afraid of spiders, they then proceed to tell you either some story of how they had an encounter with a spider that they also found terrifying, or they start telling you a bunch of facts about spiders?  Don’t they get that you don’t WANT to hear that because that stuff’s why you’re afraid in the FIRST PLACE?!?
  8. Okay…small serious note…  On Wednesday, my brother and sister-in-law are going in to see how the twins are doing.  When the doctors told Valerie about them in the first place, they said they could only find one heart-beat, which isn’t necessarily BAD, as they are likely to have just been a day or two (or more) apart in development…but still not ideal news.  So, if you’re of the prayer/karma/positive-thinking crowd, I’m sure they’d appreciate it for their visit on Wednesday.  They’d like to hear both hearts this time.  (My brother mentioned that on his blog when he made the announcement, so I don’t think it’s too personal to post here as well.)
  9. I’ve mentioned that I’ve been listening to a lot of Wilco…well I started listening to some Son Volt and Uncle Tupelo, too.  I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it…but the drummer in Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt was a guy named Mike Heidorn.  I know his sister.  She worked with my Dad, back when he was still working.  Don’t know who-all that’s interesting to, other than possibly my old friend Marc, who I know was a big Son Volt fan when we were in high school.  Never met Mike himself…but his sister’s really nice and cool.
  10. Drummer texted me some pics of stuff he’s been drawing with the band’s name on it.  I like some of it.  If nothing else, it proves that we’ve got one of those names that looks really cool drawn on the back of someone’s notebook.
  11. Similar topic…need some record-titles for the Blue Tattoo CD.  I don’t think any of us has ANY ideas at all…so if anyone wants to e-mail/text/Facebook me a few (or post them in the comments), I’d be grateful.  You won’t get any money for it, but if we choose your title I’ll toss a free copy of the CD your way and I’ll lobby to get your name in the liner notes (if any).
  12. Been in a “burger” mood lately.  Had a bison burger last night that was pretty good…but I forgot to ask for cheese…so I want another burger…with cheese.
  13. New Venture Bros. tomorrow (technically TODAY!).  I’m incredibly excited!  One of my favorite shows on TV, and I can’t wait to see the new season!


That’s all I can think of for now.  Think I might try to eat something, then go to bed.