Babbling Like a Brook or a Stream…or a Blogger…

More random stuff comin’ at ‘ya.  No one topic worth spending an entire post on, so we’re going with this.

  1. Thanks to my dad buying himself a pair that were too small for him to wear, I have discovered the joys of memory-foam slippers.  Never thought I’d say it…but it’s times like these I’m glad I’ve got freakishly small feet!  Thanks, Dad!
  2. At work, I’m about an hour off from being up to our stated specifications.  (That’s not too bad…basically just means that one or two reports were kind of involved and took longer than they should’ve.)  I’ve noticed something about how I feel when that happens.  Usually, when someone’s behind at a typical job, their thought-process says, “I’ve got to get caught up or I’m going to get in trouble!”  But when I’m a little behind at MY job, I think, “I’ve got to get caught up.  I don’t want to let the other guys down.”  That speaks to how motivating our office is, I think.  Rather than feeling like I’m going to get chewed out or get a bad performance review…I just want the other folks in the office to not have any extra pressure just because I got hung-up on one complicated report.  I’m probably not phrasing it quite how I want to…but what I’m getting at is that our office is so DIFFERENT from other offices in that we operate out of genuinely wanting to lift each other up rather than just out of furthering our own individual careers.  That’s amazing, to me!  I can’t believe how great a move this gig has been for me.  I’ve been nothing but blessed by this transition.  Funny how life works out like that sometimes…even when you least deserve it.
  3. I’ve had Chinese food twice this week… The place we get Chinese food from is pretty good, but they’re not the BEST in quality.  As it turns out, if you eat there twice in the same week—even though it tasted awesome—your stomach doesn’t exactly thank you for it.
  4. My niece Tessa has upgraded me from “Do-Do” to “Der-Der” and now to “Dare-Dare.”  Not bad.  Decent progress…  My brother reminded me that Mom used to call me “Dare-Dare” when I was a kid…my response to that was, “Well, as long as she doesn’t start calling me anything Mom called me when I was a teenager, that’ll be just fine.”  🙂
  5. Did a report at work where the cost of the vehicle was $5150.  Awesome Van Halen record.
  6. Had a chat with a complete stranger as I was walking to my car…in the city…when it was getting dark.  Just happened to cross paths with her as I walked out the door.  I casually said, “How’s it goin’?” and she said, “Fine.  How’re you?” and we just kinda chatted for a couple of minutes, walking down the street.  No one felt threatened.  No one got mugged.  Just had a nice chat with a human being for no reason other than we were at the same place at the same time.  I know it sounds crazy…but little stuff like that gives me hope for humanity.
  7. Just found out that Capt. Lou Albano died.  Some know him as “that guy from the Cyndi Lauper videos.”  Some know him as “wasn’t he Mario on that short-lived, low-budget, TERRIBLE Mario Brothers TV show?”  Some people know him as a fixture of 70s-80s wrestling.  Whatever the case, it’s a total bummer, and he’ll be missed by all three industries.  Rest in peace, Captain.
  8. In other fat-guy news…  I’d just like to thank the other guys involved in the bid to buy the Rams for doing the right thing.  Maybe now I can keep that FDRDAPOC Rush Limbaugh off my blog for at least a couple of weeks.  (Wow…it’s even long when you abbreviate it!  Pronunciation guide: “Fed-Red-Apoch.”)
  9. In still more fat-guy news…I’ve resumed my quest to lose a couple of pounds.  Essentially, I’ve just cut my lunch portions in half.  In all honesty, it sucks and I’m hungry all the time…but it’s been live-able.  I’ve been doing this for 16 days so far.  Initial committment is for 40 days.  Hoping to make it longer.  Also trying to do some sit-ups and whatnot at night.  We’ll see if it takes this time.  Previous plans sure haven’t worked out…hopefully this one’s a winner!  Probably not, though.  I may just need to accept that I’ve hit the “fat” stage of my life.
  10. In other (in this case THIN guy) news, my good friend and Blue-Tattoo-mate Chris finally got to take his baby home the other day.  Congrats again, Chris and Amy.  Are we going with calling the kid Mattingly or shortening to Matt?  Just wanna know what to call him when we inevitably meet.  🙂
  11. In related news (people of all weights involved in this one)…  I’ve started referring to the kids coming out of the Blue Tattoo wives as “The Little ‘Tats.”  Stupid, I know…but I like it, anyway!  I’m just thinking that in a few years, they should form a band together and pick up where-ever we leave off.
  12. I couldn’t get to sleep last night.  Why?  Because I had a song stuck in my head.  What song?  The theme from the old Garry Shandling show.  NO ONE should EVER have to find themselves whistling in bed!
  13. Just realized I missed “How I Met Your Mother” this week.  Gonna have to Internet-watch it, I guess.
  14. I know I’ve mentioned Wilco a few times since Farm Aid and it’s probably getting a little boring…but I’ve got to once again praise their newest record.  It may be on its way to “Record of the Year” for me…and with all the competition this year, that’s saying something!  It’ll definitely be top-five…almost certainly top-three.  Possibly #1.  Just a really good listen!
  15. Thinking about buying a new cowboy hat…this time in brown.  We’ll see.  Just haven’t gotten a new cowboy hat in a while.
  16. Let’s end on something maudlin…  There’s a friend of mine that I only know through the Internet.  We met each other probably about 10 years ago by both being posters on an Internet (Pro) Wrestling Forum.  The board isn’t there anymore, but we’re friends on Facebook now.  When we first started talking to each other on the board, I knew him as “Brimes.”  I now know him as Brian.  When we first started talking, all I really knew was that he liked really cool Japanese and Indy wrestling.  Now I know that he’s a devoted family man and a very generous, warm guy.  I also know that for a long time, he’s been watching his father’s health deteriorating.  His Dad (Mark) passed away this past week.  He got to say goodbye and got to spend a few months with his dad that the doctors told him he wasn’t going to have—so in a lot of ways, he’s got some stuff to be thankful for, there…but of course that doesn’t make it easy, exactly.  I’m not sure if he reads my blog or not…but either way…hang in there, Brian.  You lost a good person, but the good person that YOU are is a continually living testament to him.


And that’s it for now.  I like to go out on a tear-jerker, now and again.