21 Skid-d’oh!

(Esoteric blog title, huh?)


I’ve noticed that everyone’s making a big deal out of the Simpsons right now.  Until tonight I didn’t understand why exactly…I mean, yes, this is the 21st year of the show.  That’s pretty impressive…but I wasn’t getting why the 21st year was being met with more fanfare than the 20th.  Seemed weird to me…  They’re all over the news.  They’re in all the magazines…  Marge Simpson’s even being depicted nude in the pages of Playboy Magazine.  (Which is…weird…I mean, if someone wants to see that, couldn’t they just draw it?  I’m genuinely puzzled by that one.)  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Simpsons…but I was confused by the reaction they’re getting this year…until I actually READ one of the articles.  (Might’ve been a good idea to start there, huh?)


This year, the Simpsons becomes the world’s longest running sitcom (edging out Ozzie and Harriet—good names for your twins, btw, Dave).  Let me add some emphasis to that…  The Simpsons is the WORLD’S longest running sitcom!   More episodes than anyone.  More years, too, I’d imagine (but I’m not quite sure how that works).  That’s a lot of shows.  Over 430.  Wow.


Every now and again, I realize just how long that’s been.  Here are a few things about the length of time the show’s been on that may not occur to you until you get to thinking about it.

  • Were the show a person, it would now be legally old enough to drink.  (Actually…I think that’s officially in December…so don’t jump the gun, Maggie!)
  • When the show first came on, I was in the same grade as Bart.
  • When the show came on, you still felt like TV was getting away with something by having a cartoon character casually use the word “hell.”
  • [I’m making this one up.]  In the years the show has been on, Fox has cancelled more shows than the Simpsons have had episodes.  [That’s probably not true…but wouldn’t it be awesome if it were?]
  • Most Freshmen in college were not alive when the first episode aired (save for your non-trad students).  They have never known a world without the Simpsons.
  • It is likely that anyone under the age of 25 has not seen every episode.  Whereas I ***nerd-glasses-push-up*** have seen EVERY episode, in many cases multiple times!  (I guess I’m technically qualified to declare “Worst. Episode. EVER!” on one of them, huh?)
  • An episode called “Lisa’s Wedding” was a flash-forward to Lisa’s future and her would-be marriage to a British character (named Hugh).  Lisa was depicted as being in college, aged 23.  Background jokes included a Jim Carey film festival and a poster advertizing the Rolling Stones “Steel Wheelchairs” tour.  The year all of this was supposed to take place?  2010.
  • Conan O’Brien was working on the show BEFORE he got famous as a talk-show host.
  • Some people say, “D’oh!” without knowing why.


Nuts, huh?


Man…how many hours of potential productivity have we all spent watching this show?!?!?  🙂


That’s it…I know I’m behind the curve on that news…but when I read it tonight, I was actually a little proud to have been a part of every moment.  That’s kind of cool in some ways.  Kind of super-geeky in others.  But I’m leaning toward cool.  It’s kind of like the little-show that could…and I’m glad I was there for it.


Thanks for the memories, Simpsons.  May you keep us laughing for 21 more years…when I’m in my 50s…just like Bart.

Random — AGAIN!!!!!

I’m better at these random posts than I am on writing on any one subject at a time…so let’s go…


  1. Almost hit a (I’m guessing like 15-year-old) kid on a bike today.  It wasn’t on purpose.  I was going down the street and saw the kid, so I moved a little to the left to go around him.  I guess he didn’t know I was there, because as I was going by he moved further over…so I moved further over…then he started to cut all the way over and I swerved almost completely off the road (on the WRONG side of traffic!), honked, and floored it to get around him.  Word to the wise, cyclists…legally, you’re considered a moving vehicle.  (It varies based on location, but yeah, in a lot of  places, they may as well be considered a car.)  If I had hit that kid, it would’ve legally been his fault.  I’d have felt bad about it, and I certainly wouldn’t have pursued a claim or anything…because even though I’d be within my rights, it’d still be absurd.  But yeah…that’s the story of how I almost hit a kid on a bike.
  2. I’m actually a little AHEAD at work, as per this evening!  Yea!!!  (***Muppet-dance***)  That’s not likely to last for too long, as we’re still pretty busy…but today was a good day—and a MONDAY, no less!
  3. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving (technically yesterday, since we’re past midnight).
  4. Happy Columbus Day (technically also yesterday…and also, it turns out that Columbus was kinda shady…so do whatever you want with that…)
  5. Useless piece of information: There is a Goodyear Blimp Museum in Akron, Ohio.  Thought you might like to know that.
  6. Turns out that the NFL Players Union is on my side on the Limbaugh thing.  (The “him buying the Rams” part…dunno how they feel on the other stuff I’ve said about him…they didn’t mention it.)  They’ve come out with an all-out rejection of Limbaugh’s bid.  I don’t know what that means exactly.  I don’t know if he still has a right to bid on it or if they could stop a potential sale to him or what…but I did feel kind of good about that.  Glad to see the players taking a stand against someone who’s of a—shall we say?—less than honorable stature…as opposed to the lack of action on the whole Michael Vick thing…
  7. Side note — Went to see a friend of mine play a while ago.  They covered that old blues-standard “Walkin’ the Dog.”  After the song, the singer said, “That song’s dedicated to Michael Vick.”  Good joke.  Have to steal it.
  8. I actually made a meal out of saltines tonight.  Sigh…
  9. I’ve mentioned once or twice that I’ve been reading Nick Hornby’s new book (“Juliet, Naked” — and no, it’s not dirty).  I read the first chapter really quickly, then slowed down to a crawl.  It’s really good and I don’t want to miss a word.  I really think Hornby’s one of the most gifted writers out there today, and this book has been wonderful…so I’m reading it as slowly as I can and cherishing each word.  Probably the smartest $25 I’ve spent in months!  (And I’ve spent a lot of $25’s lately.)
  10. Halloween is right around the corner…I’m not a big fan of Halloween…but not for any religious reason.  (I think the religious objections to Halloween are kind of silly, actually…but that’s probably its own post.)  In essence, here are my objections:
    • That’s my candy.  I bought it…and you can’t have any!
    • I don’t get the “let’s scare each other” thing.  Scary is scary…why would you want to do that to people?
    • Related to above…I actually scare kind of easily.
    • I’d really prefer to just sit and watch TV without the up-down-up-down of answering the door and handing out candy.
    • My porch light hasn’t worked for like 10 years…so even when I DO buy candy, no one knocks, lol!
  11. One of our clients at work was supposed to come by and take us to lunch tomorrow.  He’s not going to be able to make it, though.  Poor guy’s stuck in a hotel room somewhere (don’t recall where) and they won’t even let him go home.  He has the Swine Flu.  (…or whatever Obama told us to call it…H1N1?  Is that it?)  At first I was disappointed when I heard we weren’t getting free food…then they told us WHY, and I just felt bad for the guy.  Must suck to be away from home and have a pandemic disease…even if it isn’t quite as dangerous as we once thought it would be.  Poor dude.  I heard his voicemail, and he sounded more depressed than sick.  That sucks.  …also, selfishly, I’m just glad he’s not going to come by and get us all sick.
  12. Blue Tattoo record’s almost done.  The bulk of the work is on me, actually.  I’ve got to sit and do some guitar parts this week.  I like doing that, but I’ve been kind of lazy about it lately.  Now I’ve got to get to work.  Hoping it goes quickly, without me getting too frustrated.  I tend to wig out when I can’t play things correctly.  I get all mad at myself, but somehow blame it on the guitar or the recording equipment…dunno what triggers that, exactly, but I’ve always done it.  I’m better about it when other people are around…but for some reason, when I’m alone in a room, trying to record a guitar, it can sometimes get a little uglier than I’d like to admit (even though I just admitted it).
  13. Pay Day in a couple of days!  Whoo!
  14. Bills a couple of days after that!  Boo!
  15. In case you’ve been missing it, Conan O’Brien is in a fascinating war of words with the—I forget if it’s Mayor or Governor or what—of New Jersey.  It’s been back and forth for about 2 weeks, mostly on Conan’s show.  Hillary Clinton also got involved, with a pretty funny YouTube video saying, “Let’s just blame it on Conan’s head injury and be done with it.”  (Conan recently suffered a concussion, incase you missed that, too.)  It’s been really entertaining.  The cynic in me expects that they’re staging it…but even if they are, it’s been really funny. 
  16. Told my dad the dirtiest joke I’ve ever heard the other night.  That was weird.  (I’m not going to tell it here…I do have SOME restraint, for God’s sake!)  🙂  I don’t think it helped too much when I told him that my brother was the one who told it to me.
  17. I briefly referenced this in a post a few weeks ago…but one night a while back, I almost had a revelation.  Almost.  Y’know how sometimes you can reach a certain point of tired that you have epiphanies?  …how just, out of nowhere, things start to make sense?  I call it “smart-tired.”  I was smart-tired a couple of weeks ago and was driving home from my brother’s place, which is about a 45 minute drive.  On the way home, I was just randomly thinking about things and somehow I got to thinking about the scientific concept of String Theory…and for a brief moment, I GOT it.  I totally got String Theory.  Then I had to signal for the off-ramp and it was gone forever.  Pity.  Could’ve had something, there.
  18. I’m going to make it to #20…I think I can, I think I can…
  19. Y’know how sometimes it seems like everyone else “gets” something and you don’t?  Like, everyone else seems to really dig something, but you’re left thinking, “I must be missing it…it’s got to be me…I must be the one who’s wrong about this…”  …I’ve totally got that with “The Office.”  I liked the English series okay, I guess…but I just don’t seem to get the US version.  I’ve tried…oh how I’ve tried…  I think it’s mainly that I know what Steve Carell’s capable of (“Little Miss Sunshine,” anyone?) and I don’t see it on the show.  Gotta be me…the rest of the people in the world can’t ALL be wrong on that, can they?
  20. Quick update, for anyone who’s wondering what happened with my Aunt Stella…  She’s still recovering from her stroke and is still in a hospital in Arkansas.  Her (twin, as it happens) sister Clara has taken over a caretaker role for Stella and (another sister) my Aunt Marge (who we call “Deet”).  Marge has Parkinsons and as of last week was also hospitalized with pneumonia—which isn’t good, since she’s in her 80s.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen with all of this, and the waiting’s the worst part.  I just hope I don’t have to clean a suit and plan another trip to Arkansas any time soon…and I also hope the farm will stay in the family.  Sucks to watch your family get old.  Fingers crossed.


…and that’s it for now.  I have some stuff I’ve been meaning to post about…but I can’t be bothered to focus on it.  Maybe soon…


 Current Listening – I’m kind of on a Wilco kick.  I popped in “A Ghost is Born,” which I mentioned that I didn’t care for too much in my last post.  I put it on “shuffle” just for kicks…and it turns out that I like a lot of those songs…I guess I just didn’t care for the sequence the band chose for the record, lol!