A Few Reviews

Bought some stuff.  I shall now review said stuff.  One record, three DVDs.


  1. Wilco – “Wilco (the album)” — Really great.  Hadn’t bought it until this week.  I’d kind of stopped buying Wilco CDs after “A Ghost is Born,” because I didn’t care for that one too much.  (In fact, I used to refer to it as “A Ghost is Bored.”)  After seeing them at Farm Aid, I decided to check out the new one.  It’s really excellent.  A little bit more upbeat than “Ghost” or even (my favorite) “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.”  Definite must for any Wilco fan…and now I’ve also got to go back and buy the other stuff I missed.
  2. “My Name is Earl – Season 4” — This is it.  The last season.  NBC cancelled the show and it doesn’t look like anyone else is willing to give them the budget they’d need.  Pity…also a pity that they once again screwed us on the commentaries.  Seriously…couldn’t get a COUPLE of guys in a room with a microphone???  And I’d have expected a feature about how they “got the call” that it’s over…but none of that.  Even the blooper-reel isn’t great…  Good thing the shows held up on their own.  Really good season, and I’m bummed that there won’t be more.
  3. “How I Met Your Mother – Season 4” — One of my favorite shows on TV right now, and the ratings back me up (so far).  I’d seen everything but the last episode of the season before I bought the set.  The extras are pretty good, and the aforementioned last episode did a great job setting us up for this season.  …and this season has been AWESOME so far!  Probably the best buy of the stuff in this post.
  4. “Red Dwarf – Back to Earth” — I’ve been a Red Dwarf fan for like…forever (I think we call ourselves “Dwarfers”).  For those who don’t know, it’s a BBC sci-fi comedy.  (I know…that sounds horrible…but it’s really good!)  The show went off the air a number of years ago and they’ve been trying to get a movie made ever since.  They finally got the job done on the BBC’s channel called “Dave.”  The movie’s…weird.  I think I liked it…but it wasn’t what I expected.  (To be fair, after probably 10 years of waiting, my expectations were unreasonably high.)  I kind of expected some sort of catch-up from the end of the last series…but that didn’t happen.  Instead, we’re left with a ton of “How’d THAT happen???” type questions.  (Such as, “Why is Rimmer a Hologram again?”  “What happened to the rest of the crew?”  …etc.)  But there were some really good laughs, and as a looooooooong time fan, it was worth the $20.  I did miss the laugh-track, though…


So that’s what’s been keeping me busy for a little bit.