Two Things

Here are the first couple of topics from my list the other day…for the record, I know a lot of people are going to disagree on the first one, and I’m aware that I’m not 100% rational on it.  Don’t care.  Just free-flowing.


1. Iran

I’m in the very small minority that doesn’t care that Iran is close to being able to enrich uranium.  (I’m also one of the few willing to admit that I don’t know what the hell that means anyway.)  I’ve always felt that it’s absurd that the US, England, et al are allowed to build all of the weapons we want but any small country that tries to bring more than a knife to a potential A-bomb fight gets shelled back to the stone-age.  I understand that the basic argument is that “…but Iran might USE them!!!”  Okay.  They might.  But we already HAVE on multiple occasions, and now we’re threatening them with using them AGAIN.  So what does that make us? 


I never have and never will support war except as a measure of absolute last resort (and I don’t think we’ve had one of those since WWII—though I think the hunt for Bin Laden DOES make sense).  Right now, President Obama wants to try diplomacy (a shockingly new concept in American government!).  I’m for that.  I hope he and I stay on the same side on this one.  The stupid f*cking war is about 70% of why I tried to vote out the last guy in ’04 and didn’t vote for the runner-up in ’08.  I don’t think I’m alone on that, either…and I hope B-Rock remembers that.


…and by the way…at least Iran told us about it and didn’t try to hide it.  They’ve been absolutely forthcoming.  I don’t see any reason to reward honesty with a bunker buster.


2. Farm Aid

Farm Aid is this weekend.  (Full line-up here.) I’m super-excited!  Going with my dad and brother, mostly as a gift for my dad’s birthday.  Should be cool (long as it doesn’t rain).  Looking forward to Willie and Neil.  That’s worth the price of admission alone.  …plus, I’m going to get to see a real, bonafide LEGEND in Billy Joe Shaver!  A lot of people are complaining about the lack of further “big” names being added to the event (see Dave’s blog for a really well written post on that), but I think those people are nuts.  First of all, the main reason to go to Farm Aid is to (GASP!) give a few bucks toward aiding family farms (something that may one day soon become VERY important in my family).  The entertainment is secondary.  Second…you’re guaranteed to see Dave Matthews (pfft), John (sans-Cougar) Mellencamp, Neil Young, and Willie Nelson.  How DARE you bitch about not getting bang for your buck?


…more stuff tomorrow…probably…




Quotable Quotes:

  • Larry: “Today’s just so………why’d I eat four donuts?”
  • Me: “Shhhhhhhhhhhut up.”
  • Tara, on the subject of not knowing what sound a ninja makes: “I did [make that sound], but you couldn’t hear it because it was the sound of a ninja.”

2 thoughts on “Two Things”

  1. Won’t be going to Farm Aid but have to say I really like Mellencamp’s album from last year (Life, Death, Love and Freedom). Haven’t had an album get in my bones like that one in a long time.

  2. I had that in my hand at Best Buy…then I did the math on the “My Name is Earl,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “House” DVDs I was also holding and put it down.

    …so now, on your recommendation, I’m going over to Rhapsody and streaming it. 🙂

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