I feel like I should blog something, but I honestly can’t organize my thoughts well enough to even do a “random” thing.  I have a lot to say about a couple of things, but I don’t really feel like writing any of them up, nor do I know which I want to address first.


So, this is just a list of stuff I WANT to talk about…maybe I’ll get to it all…maybe not.  If I do, then think of this as a “Table of Contents” thing, I guess…or maybe more like an index, since my page moves stuff down like it does…hmm…


Things I Mean to Say (Play on the blog/record title, yo):

  • Iran
  • Farm Aid (coming up this week)
  • The Differences Between My Current Job and My Old Job
  • Super-Sorry that My Friend Jim Lost His Job
  • Blue Tattoo Update
  • Brief Update on My Solo Career (or Lack Thereof)
  • A Weird Nonsense Post Largely Focused on String Theory (Google it)


…we’ll see what happens.  Bound to get to one or two of them.