Is This What You Wanted, Dave?

New Blue Tattoo logo concept.  Dave suggested this at the Motorhead show (no idea how I heard him…seriously, that was the loudest thing I’ve ever experienced).  I think he suggested the “Blue” on top and the “Tattoo” on bottom, but I tried that and the curve of the horns made it look really weird, so I went with this.



…and here’s one in a nice black/metal work-up…




Thoughts and/or feelings?

4 thoughts on “Is This What You Wanted, Dave?”

  1. i would wear either of those…
    not sure if that’s even worthwhile feedback, since i’m not dave.

    i end up driving through the lindbergh/charbonier intersection quite often, and for some reason, think of you and start looking around for your vehicle until i realize that i’m ridiculous and not sure why i do that…

    1. Your feedback is always worthwhile.

      Yeah…I’m like NEVER at that intersection anymore, lol! I live really close to there though, so you might catch me one day. Keep your eyes peeled. Mostly, it’s just nice to know someone’s looking for me! 🙂

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