T-Minus Whatever…

It’s about 2 a.m.  I’m going to the Motorhead/Reverend Horton Heat show in St. Louis tonight.  I should probably go to bed before that.


Nashville Pussy is opening.  That part will suck.  They’re a sucky bunch of sucks who suck.


Then The Rev takes the stage.  I’m looking forward to seeing the band on a decent sized stage for once!  Normally, they play at Pop’s in Sauget, IL but this time they’re playing at the Pageant in St. Louis.  That should be awesome.  I’ve never seen The Rev have room to move before!  (Of course, he’s now in his 40s and doesn’t move as much as he used to…but whatever…still cool.)  I’m really looking forward to this set.  The Rev’s the reason I bought my Gretsch.  Before I saw him in concert, I hadn’t even considered it, but I went to a show and bought one the following week.  The band has a promo-sticker that reads, “I Was a Sinner Until I Saw The Reverend Horton Heat.”  Yeah.  That’s about right.  ‘Cept for the actual concept of salvation and whatnot…but whatever.


Then the main event.  Okay…I’m only a casual fan…but come on.  It’s Motorhead.  Lemmy is somehow still alive and still as functional as he’s ever been.  This is a man who could not receive a blood transfusion because his blood was so toxic that normal blood would have shocked his system and killed him.  (True story.)  Most metal fans think he’s God.  How could I not love this?  The Rev is opening for God [sic]…  It’s going to be awesome—even if there is a fill-in drummer because the regular guy’s off filming a reality show right now (sigh…).  But Matt Sorum is more than competent, and I’m sure it’ll be fine.  Bet they even play “Ace of Spades.”  🙂


So…yeah…pumped about that.  I’m sure I’ll update later, hopefully with a few pictures from my cell-phone telephone.


There…I blogged.