Here’s a post I wrote the majority of during tonight’s Emmy Awards.  It’s a little more cynical and judgemental than I was hoping for…but whatever…  It works.  Kind of random, so I’m bullet-ing it.  Enjoy!


  • Neil Patrick Harris — Best part of “How I Met Your Mother.”  Not amazing on the Emmys.  Certainly pulled it off, but you could see his nervousness.  Still, I’m sure this kid will be big someday.  “Doogie Howser” big.  (Seriously, though…super-impressive opening number outta that guy, wasn’t it?)
  • I dug how all of the “backstage” stuff was on stage…like the band and the booth and whatnot.  That was a really cool idea.
  • Screw Vanessa Williams for not going along with the “let’s all wear funny glasses” schtick—even shaking her head at it.  Maybe that’s why she didn’t win…maybe she’s not willing or able to get over herself and just do something funny or clever.  Also…who the hell is she?
  • Enjoyed the speech of the guy (I forget his name) who thanked the lady who was his kidney donor several years ago.  That was pretty cool.
  • Glad “24” didn’t take home too much stuff…I get what people like about it, but isn’t it kind of “been-there-done-that” by now?
  • Speaking of which…  I think the volume of Kanye jokes on this show officially made me stop thinking that whole bit is funny.  Okay…so Kanye’s a jackass (I dare you to say Obama’s wrong on that one).  We get it.  Let’s move on…and yes, I’m saying that even though I put up the graphic of a couple of days ago…
  • I kind of dug the recurring “best seat in the house” gag.  Mostly, I just liked how much Neil Patrick Harris knew it wasn’t funny, but committed to it anyway.  That’s actually my favorite kind of joke.
  • I liked the comedy-voiceover-guy…but it got a little wearing.  I think even HE got a little worn out on it.
  • Nice to see “Dr. Horrible” show up.  I’m sure that went over the heads of about 95% of the viewers (when they “hacked” the show).  Also one of my favorite kinds of jokes.
  • Big surprise…they awarded “The Daily Show” with several awards…again…sigh…
  • …so the Oscars won an Emmy?  How do you award an award show at an award show?  What the hell?
  • Okay, I’m ready to say it.  Ricky Gervais…  Just.  Not.  Funny.
  • Michael Emerson DESERVED that Emmy.  The guy’s been AMAZING on “Lost” for the past couple of years.  I can’t think of any actor on television who’s brought it to the table like Emerson has in recent days.  WELL deserved.
  • Attention Emmys: MICHAEL JACKSON WAS NOT A TV ACTOR.  What the hell was he doing in your tribute to the people who died this year???  Cheapened it, IMO.
  • …which reminds me…  Rest in peace, Henry Gibson.  Super-sorry that we were so obsessed with Swayze that most of us missed you.  We didn’t forget…we just weren’t told.  Also, you were awesome in “The ‘Burbs.”
  • All things considered, Michael J. Fox looked pretty good.  I could tell that he was focusing HARD on controlling his symptoms, but he managed to do it to the extent that someone who hasn’t SEEN Parkinsons probably didn’t know, and he looked dignified.  Good for him.  And on behalf of that—once again—f*ck that fat, drug-addled, deaf piece of crap Rush Limbaugh.
  • Well, I’ll admit that my obsession with “House” doesn’t in an of itself mean that Hugh Laurie should have won in his category…but come on…Brian Cranston?!?  The guy that played Tim Watley?  The guy from “Malcom Should’ve Been Cancelled?”  Ugh…
  • Good to see Bob Newhart.  Got the jowls of a Bassetthound…but good to see him. 🙂
  • “Mad Men” got “Best Drama” again. I have yet to see it and I probably never will…but when you’re up against “House” and “Lost” and you beat them BOTH…only one word comes to mind. Rigged. 😉

All in all, not a great show…but passable. I’m a little tired of award shows being used to promote new stuff rather than award the old stuff that actually worked really hard to become what it is…but in all, the show was watchable.