Take me out to the…thing…

Me (and Melissa, left---we're not dating, btw, she's married) in the super-nice, air-conditioned party room at Busch Stadium 9/16/09. Photo stolen from my friend/coworker Tara, who is an excellent photographer. She does weddings and events, if you ever need someone who's really creative and talented. She managed to take a shot of ME, where I don't look fat and/or miserable. She's got a gift! 🙂

I went to the first baseball game I’ve been to in about 20 years today.  I’m not a baseball fan.  I get bored and I don’t like heat and standing.  Not really my cup of tea.


So what the hell was I doing at a baseball game?


Well…my bosses at my new job are great people who wanted to reward us for doing good work lately.  They sprung for tickets.  GOOD tickets.  We were in a Party Room, where if you were so inclined, you could sit outside in a seat, or you could sit in a nice, air-conditioned room with free—let me underline that—FREE food, soda and beer.  Guess which option I chose?


Early on in the game, Melissa and I (pictured above) wandered off to check out the merch.  She wanted to hit the half-price racks and I wanted a hat—I kinda collect hats.  Being the only two shop-a-holics in the group, we went off to shop.


I hadn’t ever been to the new stadium.  I didn’t know what was wrong with the old one and I’m still pissed that we tore it down (I saw The Who for the first time there).  So I had no idea that there were at least two major team-based STORES in the stadium.  As a regular concert-goer, I’m accustomed to merch tables/booths.  The idea of a store INSIDE the stadium was absolutely foreign to me.  But I find it cool.  We walked all around the circle-thingy, and I saw the whole thing for the first time.  I still think the old stadium was fine and there was no need to tear it down to appease a bunch of overpaid crybaby baseball players…but since we’re stuck with it, the new one meets with my approval.  It can stay.


My dad was also there, in his usual seats.  I phoned him during the game.  I could see him from where I was sitting.  Tried waving and describing where we were, but he couldn’t see me…but Susan (his girlfriend), who wasn’t on the phone listening to directions on how to find me, stood up and saw me right away.  Tara said, “It’s like ‘Finding Nemo,'” which was pretty funny.  Then I gave up…  Didn’t occur to me to tell him, “I’m the guy NOT in red!”  🙂


Anyhoo…  I liked hanging out with the office folks.  They’re always fun.  I actually get out of bed LOOKING FORWARD to seeing the people I work with.  (Yes.  I realize how lucky I am.)  Really nice to spend what was more-or-less a day off with them today.  Got to trade a bunch of funny stories and ideas (Matt ventured the theory that Eric Clapton made a deal with the devil that resulted in the deaths of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix so they would not become better guitarists than him…not sure if he was joking, but I’d read his blog on the subject, if he wrote one).  Kind of cool that I’m in an office where the entire staff goes to a game and there’s no one that I think, “I’ll have to be sure not to sit next to THEM!”  That’s rare…and awesome.


…no idea what the final score was, but I know we lost.  But…free food…free party room…spending time with people I like…hanging out in my favorite city in America instead of working…and a new hat.